Event: The Greenhouse Narrative

National Association of Scholars

"The science is settled!" "Fossil fuels endanger the planet!" "Why can’t everyone see it?"

But it’s not so obvious. The vast improbabilities inherent in climate are one chink in the greenhouse narrative. There is also the question of whether climate change poses an existential threat? If that narrative was wrong it would be fatal to the vast climate change coalition of government, politically favored industries, and the climate activist mob.

Join the National Association of Scholars on Friday, November 24, at 10 am ET, for a bracing conversation about the science of climate change in the next episode of the Restoring the Sciences webinar series.

This event will feature Richard Lindzen, a Professor Emeritus at MIT’s Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences program. While at MIT, he was Alfred P Sloan Professor of Meteorology. He has published more than two hundred articles and books on the Earth’s systems of heat transport and distribution, and how these determine climate. He has for many years stood out as a distinguished “climate realist” which has earned him the long-standing epithet of “climate denier.” He is increasingly convinced that the climate narrative is wrong.

This event will be moderated by J. Scott Turner, the Director of the Diversity in the Sciences Project at the National Association of Scholars.

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Photo by Rafael Rex Felisilda on Unsplash

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