How to Attract Undocumented Students...No Comment

Ashley Thorne

Today's No Comment item is a conference titled, "Undocumented Students: An Overview of Policies, Myths, and Best Practices," scheduled for June 16 and sponsored by the conference and webinar provider Innovative Educators:

College-ready undocumented students have jumped the same hurdles as other college-eligible students, yet they have not been given the same degree of access to higher education.  Without improvements in relevant college knowledge, guidance, and financial support, these students, many of whom are among the best their communities have to offer, will continue to be shut out of a system that is virtually their only means for upward mobility.

Participants will learn the following:

  • How state and federal education and immigration policies impact college access for undocumented students in their state.
  • How to assist undocumented students as they apply for college admission.
  • How to address the unique needs of undocumented college-goers.
  • How to help undocumented students fundraise to pay for college.
  • How to help undocumented students develop a network of support once they get to college.
  • How to help undocumented students improve their potential for employment or graduate school attendance upon college graduation.
  • How to help undocumented students determine if they are eligible to adjust their residency status.
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