NAS Annual Report 2013

National Association of Scholars


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I’m pleased to present the National Association of Scholars’ 2013 annual report. 2013 was our first full year in New York City after our move from Princeton in June 2012. We held our first national conference since 2009, and brought together hundreds of supporters at the NYC Harvard Club to figure out how American higher education could escape from “The Mighty Maze” of intellectual, political, and economic difficulties in which it has lost itself. And we brought to completion the most ambitious research project NAS has ever undertaken: our top-to-bottom examination of Bowdoin College, which ignited a national conversation about modern liberal arts education. In addition to that book-length study, we brought out two other well-received research reports, on the history curricula of two Texas universities and on common reading programs at colleges across the country.

We paid for all of this exclusively through gifts and grants. Not a penny of the 2013 budget came from government funds. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and we couldn’t have done any of this without the help of our supporters. I hope you'll read our annual report to find out more about what NAS has been doing and where we are headed.

- Peter Wood, President

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