Pandemic Power: The Science, Legality, and Effects of COVID Mandates

National Association of Scholars

In Spring 2021, thousands of universities across the country gave students and employees the ultimatum: get vaxxed or don't come back. Soon after, a handful of universities pushed the envelope by mandating double masks and booster shots for students—the population least at risk from COVID.

Administrators imposed draconian policies that stripped university communities of their civil liberties. Hundreds of university employees lost their jobs. Students lost access to quality education as universities wavered in their decisions to host in-person classes.

But some pushed back.

Join the National Association of Scholars on Thursday, June 16th, at 2 pm ET, as we evaluate the science and legality of university COVID mandates and discuss the effects these policies had on faculty and students.

This webinar will feature Todd Zywicki, a George Mason University law professor who challenged his university's vaccine requirement; Martin Kulldorff, an epidemiologist and biostatistician who co-authored "The Great Barrington Declaration"; and Joni McGary, mother of a Dartmouth College student who founded No College Mandates. The discussion will be moderated by Neetu Arnold, senior research associate at the National Association of Scholars.

Click here to register online.

Image: Maksim Goncharenok, Public Domain

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