Videos from A Mighty Maze, Session 2

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Preceding Session 2: "The Battle over Racial Preference," George Dent, a professor at Case Western Reserve University's School of Law, presented Russell Nieli with the Peter Shaw Memorial Award. The award was given in recognition of Russell Nieli's "exemplary writing on higher education," racial preferences, and "American intellectual culture" with his book Wounds that Will Not Heal: Affirmative Action and Our Continuing Racial DivideWard Connerly, the founder and chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute, introduced the panel for Session 2. Althea Nagai, a research fellow at the Center for Equal Opportunity, spoke about how race and ethnicity are a large factor in admission offices at many American universities. Gail Heriot, a professor at the University of San Diego Law School, referenced Fisher v. Texas among other cases on racial preferences that the Supreme Court has heard in recent years. Russell Nieli, a professor at Princeton University, highlighted key arguments from his book Wounds that Will Not Heal, and said that racial preferences seems to present a threat on a global scale. The session concluded with a Q&A time. Session 2 was part of the National Association of Scholars' 25th anniversary conference, "A Mighty Maze" on Friday, March 1, 2013 at the Harvard Club in New York.

The videos for each speaker and the Q&A session are below and on NAS's YouTube Channel. Photos from the conference are available on NAS's Flickr page.

George Dent presents Russell Nieli with the Peter Shaw Memorial Award: 

Ward Connerly, American Civil Rights Institute (Moderator):

Althea Nagai, Center for Equal Opportunity:

Gail Heriot, University of San Diego Law School: 

Russell Nieli, Princeton University: 

Q&A for Session 2:

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