VIDEO: Does Merit Matter?

Restoring the Sciences Webinar Series

National Association of Scholars

In April 2023, twenty-nine prominent scholars published a public letter in the Journal of Controversial Ideas titled, "In Defense of Merit in Science." The question raises itself: Merit in science is a controversial idea?

"In Defense of Merit in Science" is an eloquent statement of a principle: science can only thrive if it embodies the best minds, who are allowed unfettered access to scientific frontiers. Yet, the academic science ecosystem is increasingly dominated by an administrative class that seeks to control scientists and curtail their freedom. This raises a second question: How can the principle effectively be defended? Can scientists do it from within the academy? Can faculty wrest their independence back?

This event features Bernhardt L. Trout, Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT, and Luana Maroja, Professor of Biology at Williams College. The event is moderated by J. Scott Turner.

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

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