Neo-Segregation at Yale

Peter Wood

In this episode, NAS research associate Dion J. Pierre and I take a deep dive into NAS’s new report, Neo-Segregation at Yale. This is the first in our series of case studies collectively called “Separate but Equal, Again: Neo-Segregation in American Higher Education,” which we launched on Monday.

Dion and I talk through Yale’s speckled history of integration, and how starting as early as the 1960s, black students at Yale began to self-segregate with the encouragement of the Yale administration. We discuss the term “neo-segregation,” and how it differs from traditional segregation. And we look at recent episodes of racial tension at Yale—particularly the mobbing of Nicholas Christakis in fall 2015—and show how Yale’s diversity bureaucrats intentionally racialize the university, preventing real integration and sparking racial animus.

After you listen to this episode, read the full report Neo-Segregation at Yale, and take a look at the op-ed Dion and I co-wrote for the Wall Street Journal.

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