Video: A Book Too Risky to Publish

A Memorial Discussion in Honor of Professor James Flynn

National Association of Scholars

The great political philosopher and intelligence researcher James Flynn's last book, A Book Too Risky to Publish, provided an extensive critique of academic censorship and self-censorship of free speech and open inquiry. Ironically, his own book was canceled. Thankfully, Academica Press stepped in to rescue A Book Too Risky to Publish and bring it to publication. Professor Flynn passed away in December. The National Association of Scholars is proud to host a memorial discussion of A Book Too Risky to Publish. This webinar honored Professor Flynn as an exemplar of a charitable and fearless intellectual, dedicated to free speech and free inquiry.

This webinar features Charles Murray, W.H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Paul du Quenoy, publisher of Academica Press, and Amy Wax, Robert Mundheim Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The discussion was moderated by David Randall, Director of Research to the National Association of Scholars.

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