VIDEO: AI and ChatGPT. Should We Be Worried?

National Association of Scholars

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) and large language models like ChatGPT change the world as we know it? Whose jobs will adjust and whose will be replaced? Will this AI arms race create a benign helper or forward the end of humanity? If not the end, what will be the challenges as this long-developing technology gains versatility, power, and reach? There’s a lot of debate going on out there, and our guests on this episode of Restoring the Sciences will help us sort through the issue.

In their new book, Why Machines Will Never Rule the World: Artificial Intelligence Without Fear (Routledge, 2022), Landgrebe and Smith argue that AI poses no threat to humanity, stating that AI is entirely different from the General Intelligence of humans. Whereas Petersen argues in the New York Post that “we need to pause AI research and consider the real dangers.”

This event features Jobst Landgrebe, a tech entrepreneur, scientist and mathematician; Barry Smith, a philosopher and author; and Steve Petersen, a philosophy professor at Niagara University.

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