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Vocational Education and the American Dream

National Association of Scholars

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  • September 08, 2022

A traditional four-year college degree is often considered the only viable approach for many students leaving high-school, particularly if those students want to have a shot at a middle-class lifestyle and the "American dream." But is a four year degree, which often requires taking on tens of thousands of dollars in debt, truly the only way? Or are there alternatives to traditional higher education?

Career and technical education programs are often absent from the conversation, but these offer a robust and accessible way to a good life for many. Why are these programs so often considered less valuable or less attractive for students? And how can we change that?

This webinar features David Ferreira, former teacher, coordinator, and principal of a vocational-technical school and co-author of Hands-On Achievement: Massachusetts's National Model Vocational-Technical Schools; Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr., Associate Professor of Government and founder of the Great Questions Project at Austin Community College; and Chris Sinacola, co-author of Hands-On Achievement.

The discussion is moderated by Jamie Gass, Director of the Center for School Reform at the Pioneer Institute.

Image:  Syd Mills, Public Domain

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