Video: NAS Policy Director Teresa Manning on CURE America with Star Parker

National Association of Scholars

Tune in as NAS Policy Director Teresa R. Manning discusses the progressive takeover of college campuses with Star Parker, the founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, on her show CURE America with Star Parker. 

“Right now, the problems with American higher education are many and varied,” Teresa explains. “In brief, universities and colleges are now used as weapons in ideological wars. Rather than informing students, they are indoctrinating them.” 

Teresa and Star go on to talk about the recent victory of Gibson Bakery over radical ideologues at Oberlin College who had libelously claimed that the small, family-run business discriminated against students of color. Teresa outlines what the case reveals about the state of higher education:

The Gibson Bakery victory is certainly chastening for Oberlin College. That said, as good as this news is, the case also illustrates how entrenched and institutionalized the political left is in American higher education. You had administrators here galvanizing the student body, distributing fliers, sending vulgar emails, and saying they are going to unleash these students onto alumni who object to what they are doing to bring down this century-old business. This just goes to show that the administrators view the students as cannon fodder. They’re going to send them out into this war. 

In the interview, Teresa offers advice to parents who are preparing to send their children off to college: “Parents need to be very careful about where they send their kids to school....As much as we want Susie to go off to college and to have a good experience, eyes need to be wide open. These institutions, these faculty members, and these administrators, on balance, are not there to educate. They’re there to indoctrinate, and if you don’t conform, they can find ways to ruin your academic experience and your professional life.”

Click here to hear more of the conversation between Teresa and Star. The interview with Teresa begins at 5:35.

Image: Sam McGhee, Public Domain

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