Video: We Need Some Muscle over Here

New Civics and the Rise of Muscular Activism

National Association of Scholars

Colleges and universities should train the nation’s ordinary citizens and future leaders to understand their rights and duties as citizens, and the nature of the republic in which they live. Unfortunately, their civics education has been co-opted by "activist civics," which instead trains students to protest for progressive causes. What is the nature of "activist civics"? Could the techniques of "activist civics" be used for a better cause? How and why have universities failed to produce civic-minded graduates? Can anything be done to reverse the destruction of traditional civics education?

This virtual event featured Adam Kissel, Director of Civic and Higher Education Programs at The Philanthropy Roundtable; Thomas K. Lindsay, Distinguished Senior Fellow of Higher Education and Constitutional Studies at the Texas Public Policy Foundation; and Jonathan Greenberg, Director of Freedom Initiatives at the Jack Miller Family Foundation. The discussion will be moderated by David Randall, Director of Research for the National Association of Scholars.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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