Video: The Federal Takeover of Higher Education

NAS president Peter Wood spoke yesterday at a panel, "The Federal Takeover of Higher Education," sponsored by the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Joining him on the panel were Richard Bishirjian, president of Yorktown University, and Richard Vedder, president of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. To watch the webcast of the lecture, cllick on the video below. Dr. Wood's talk occurs from 20:40-49:40, and he and the panel answer questions starting at 65:00.

Click here for links to Peter Wood's articles on federal direct lending and what others have said about these articles.


Tweets from the event (@FRCdc):

Dr. Peter Wood, President, Nat. Assoc. of Scholars, "Cost of college [and debt] causing delay of marriage." #EdTakeover

Dr. Peter Wood: "Only 34% of college grads finish in 4 years. Govt aid is prolonging their education." #edtakeover

Dr. Peter Wood: "There were no public universities until Civil War era--then established to help farmers." #EdTakeover

Dr. Peter Wood: Obama admin wants to take over higher ed because: "it's there...lots of potential clients." #EdTakeover

Dr. Peter Wood: "GI Act was great opportunity for vets, and after initially opposing, universities became champions of it." #Edtakeover

Dr. Peter Wood: "Administrators don't leave money on the table." When gov offers more $ for higher ed, tuition soaks it up. #EdTakeover

Dr. Peter Wood: We should look to higher ed for transmission of knowledge & skills, virtue cultivation & support of our society. #EdTakeover

Family Research Council event description:

Is American higher education soon to be federalized? We know that diversity of choice in higher education is lacking. One independent study of the Social Science division at the University of Oregon found one registered Republican on the faculty. Join us for a Family Policy Lecture as we focus on the destructive potential of new "state authorization" regulations that are key aspects of the Obama Administration's higher education reforms. What else is likely to be imposed on American higher education? What will the GOP's response be? Is doing nothing better than something?

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