Report Finds Title IX Offices are Sex Monitors, not Education Monitors

Press Release

National Association of Scholars

New York, NY, October 28, 2020: Title IX, the federal law banning sex discrimination at schools receiving federal funds, has been weaponized by campus administrators and is now used to persecute students accused of sexual misconduct, concludes a new report from the National Association of Scholars (NAS). Dear Colleague: The Weaponization of Title IX calls for a total overhaul of the broken Title IX regime.

Dear Colleague explains how sexual assault came to be seen as a form of sex discrimination and surveys the regulatory path that Title IX administrators took to make this word-play a reality. The report also presents interviews with students, with Title IX staff, and with other school personnel in charge of campus Title IX proceedings to detail the price students pay for running afoul of the campus “sex police.”

“Most Title IX offices are exclusively female, ardently feminist, and have no one on staff with courtroom experience, even though they are running a parallel quasi legal system on campus,” said the report’s author, NAS Policy Director Teresa R. Manning. “Given the prevalence of feminist and gender ideology in Title IX offices, alongside their lack of relevant legal experience, it is no wonder that so many students accused of sexual misconduct are not getting due process in campus Title IX cases.”

The sex lives of young men and women have become pawns in a larger ideological game played by Title IX administrators. Their actions, as detailed in the report, amount to malpractice and abuse of power, as they’ve become sex monitors rather than education monitors. To date, over 600 wrongly accused students have sued their schools in court over unfair Title IX proceedings; almost half have received favorable rulings.

“How many lives have been disrupted and ruined by higher education’s ‘sex monitors’?” asked Peter Wood, President of the NAS. “This report details the abuses of Title IX by campus ideologues and shows the path to reform, ensuring equal access to education for both sexes.”

The report recommends a full reform of Title IX by:

● Sidelining ideologues and abandoning the hysteria of the “campus rape epidemic” to follow the data;

● Prioritizing and publicizing due process protections for students;

● Requiring Title IX offices to hire staff with criminal defense experience; and

● Stopping sexual misconduct before it happens by educating students on the benefits of healthy relationships that exist outside the “frat scene” or the “hook up” culture.

“Title IX is broken, but its purpose remains sound,” explains Manning. “Equal access to education is essential. This is why we recommend a full reform of Title IX and recommend the firing and dismissal of all Title IX administrators who abuse their power by punishing students for conduct the administrators themselves likely encouraged and who then refuse these same students due process and fundamental fairness.”


If you would like more information about this report, please contact Chance Layton at [email protected] or at 917-551-6770.

Watch the launch event here!

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