A New University Dedicated to the Fearless Pursuit of Truth

The University of Austin

National Association of Scholars

The National Association of Scholars welcomes the founding of the University of Austin, Texas—a new light in the darkness of higher education for students seeking a truly liberal education. This new venture has already begun to draw the ire of the education establishment, which is whole-heartedly dedicated to worshipping at the Woke altar and to stamping out any dissent. It will face further challenges when it comes to facing down the guard-dogs of this establishment in accrediting bodies and state and federal "education" departments. The usual bien-pensants will try to scare off parents and students by labeling its pursuit of truth as "white supremacy." For all these reasons and more, the National Association of Scholars stands behind this new venture and pledges whatever support we can to its success.

Paiting by Raphael - Stitched together from vatican.va, Public Domain.

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