June 16, 2008

MTC: The Model Minority Myth?

Charlotte Allen

A recently released report that claims to poke holes in the idea of Asian-American students as the "model minority" - excelling academically and outperforming white students in mathematics, engineerin......

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March 21, 2008

MTC: In Defense Of The SAT II

Anthony Paletta

The Harvard Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, William Fitzsimmons, spoke out for SAT II tests at a recent panel at Harvard. The utility of the examinations has come into question as the University......

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February 25, 2008

MTC: Canoes For Credit?

Charlotte Allen

In a recent Washington Post Magazine, Emmett Rosenfeld, an English teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in Northern Virginia's Fairfax County wrote a 4,000-word first-person article complaining tha......

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October 5, 2007

MTC: College Admissions, Let's Not Break The Law

Ward Connerly

David Leonhardt, an economics columnist for the New York Times, recently visited the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and took a careful look at the current admissions process of that ca......

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October 3, 2007

MTC: Second Place - Bloom Essay Competition

James Cameron Crowley

"The Hungry Student: Reopening After The Closing of the American Mind" At the end of the introduction to Allan Bloom's Closing of the American Mind, Bloom mentions that only Socrates knew that he w......

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