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Education Reform

April 16, 2021

Sandra Stotsky Needs No Defense, Her Ideas Do

James V. Shuls

Professor Shuls responds to Richard Phelps' critique of his fall 2019 article in Academic Questions, "A Dangerous Belief," in which he critiques some Sandra Stotsky's education re......

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April 16, 2021

In Defense of Sandra Stotsky

Richard P. Phelps

Richard Phelps critiques James V. Schuls' characteriztion of Sandra Stotsky in his fall 2019 article in Academic Questions, "A Dangerous Belief."

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September 3, 2019

A Dangerous Belief

Sandra Stotsky and James V. Shuls

A review of two recent books on school reform by James V. Shuls provokes a heated exchange between two prominent scholars over a proposal to significantly widen the federal role in K-12 education.

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