Mary Grabar

“Teachers Cannot Teach What They Do Not Know”

Apr 24, 2015 by Mary Grabar |

City Journal reviews NAS board member Sandra Stotsky's book on "improving American educational standards."

Ideological Litmus Test at University of Wisconsin

Jun 25, 2012 by Mary Grabar |

A job posting for a lecturer in World History requires that the applicant describe his commitment to addressing "issues of historic marginalization."

The Terrible Textbooks of Freshman Comp

Mar 27, 2012 by Mary Grabar |

The anthologies used in many freshman composition courses tell students what to think, not how to write.

Good Read

Oct 25, 2010 by Mary Grabar |

I'd like to share with you my post at American Culture on Christopher Hill's novel. I'm sorry to say I didn't know about  this novel until I visited the Alexander Hamilton Institute last summer.  Fortunately,…

Come to the ‘Marxism in America’ Conference in D.C. Tomorrow

Oct 20, 2010 by Mary Grabar |

While Bill Ayers’ colleagues may be fussing about the denial of his emeritus status, America’s Survival will be sponsoring a conference that will include former FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl about a case involving…