Roger Clegg

President and General Counsel, Center for Equal Opportunity

College Officials, Take Note: We’re Watching You

Dec 06, 2016 by Roger Clegg |

Roger Clegg discusses public disapproval of affirmative action, Fisher II, and responsible legal options for universities. 

The Court Should Finish What It Started in the Fisher Case

May 15, 2015 by Joshua P. Thompson, Roger Clegg |

Roger Clegg argues that the Supreme Court should again review the Fisher v. University of Texas case.

Against “Diversity”

Aug 22, 2012 by John Rosenberg, Roger Clegg |

Roger Clegg and John S. Rosenberg offer ten reasons to oppose the "diversity" rationale for racial preferences. They argue that "diversity" is discrimination, and provide evidence that its costs are high.

Why the SCOTUS Should Reverse Grutter

Jan 09, 2012 by George Leef, Glenn Ricketts, Roger Clegg |

The 2003 Supreme Court decision in Grutter v Bollinger was severely flawed. Larry Purdy wants it overturned.

Unanswered Questions: UW-Madison Students Protest CEO Report on Racial and Ethnic…

Oct 21, 2011 by Roger Clegg, W. Lee Hansen |

What really happened during the student protest against the findings of the Center for Equal Opportunity? NAS member W. Lee Hansen, Professor Emeritus of Economics at UW-Madison, documents what he observed on September 13 and offers…

Improving a Bad Analogy

Sep 28, 2011 by Roger Clegg |

CEO president Roger Clegg explains why a familiar football analogy doesn't work as a justification for race preferences.

A Half-Dozen Push-Backs for Faculty Hiring Committee Meetings

Mar 22, 2010 by Roger Clegg |

Tips for standing up against "diversity" hiring.