Thomas K. Lindsay

The Liberal Arts Are in Trouble - Should We Celebrate?

Apr 10, 2014 by Heather Mac Donald, Patrick J. Deneen, Peter Lawler, Peter Wood, Samuel Goldman, Thomas K. Lindsay |

Minding the Campus holds a symposium on the question of whether the decline of the liberal arts is actually constructive. 

American History Bill Aims for a More Inclusive Curriculum

Apr 05, 2013 by Thomas K. Lindsay |

Thomas Lindsay offers a defense of the Texas American History Bill.

The Texas Model of Higher Education Reform

Jul 10, 2012 by Thomas K. Lindsay |

Texas is trying some innovative ideas for higher education, setting a good example for the rest of the country.

Defending Online Learning, Part One

Feb 28, 2012 by Thomas K. Lindsay |

Once a skeptic, Thomas K. Lindsay now sees online education as a powerful means to address the crisis in American higher education.