“Affirmative Consent” Confirms Disproportionate Feminist Influence in Legal Profession

Teresa Manning

The ABA House of Delegates’ attempt this past summer to redefine consent in sexual misconduct cases to “affirmative consent” is more evidence that a destructive feminism has disproportionate influence in the legal profession.

Within legal education, for example, Republicans are among the most under-represented groups on faculty, comprising less than 15% of the professoriate overall and often less than 5% at elite schools: According to Georgetown Law Professor Nicholas Rosenkranz, for instance, the Law Center there has 3 Republicans on its 120-member faculty, while Iowa Secretary of State voter registration shows that its state law school has only one Republican among 50 professors. Yale Law School is reported to have zero professors who take the pro-life position.

Republican women, who might neutralize feminist influence in the academy as they do in elections, are “almost missing,” according to data collected by Northwestern Law School Professor James Lindgren. Is this absence intentional?

Worse, Democrats in control are “not just left of center but closer to the left edge of the Democratic Party, with many further left than that," according to Professor Rosenkranz.

This political imbalance has, unsurprisingly, radicalized state and federal courts as well as bar associations, which now routinely promote left-of-center causes such as abortion, court-ordered same-sex marriage and, most recently, this presumption of guilt for men accused of sexual misconduct.

Feminist ideology, like most ideologies, does not see law as a restraint on power but rather as a tool of power to effect social change. That change now includes thoughtless demonization of all men – aka “toxic masculinity” – for the wrongs of a few.

This mentality - not shared by many wives, mothers, and sisters - is already well down the road of fundamental unfairness in violation of due process standards.

Image by: Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum | Unsplash | License Unsplash License

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