Bob Weissberg on the Higher Ed Establishment's "Diversity Statement"

George Leef

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  • July 12, 2013

Writing on American Thinker, Bob Weissberg has a sharp commentary on the recent Statement by the higher ed establishment—its feeble and deceptive defense of racial preferences in college admissions.

To Bob's arguments, I would add this. It's deceptive of the establishment to pretend that without racial preferences, there would be no "diversity" at top colleges (some students from those "underrepresented minority groups" have the academic qualifications to make it without preferences) and even more deceptive to lead people to think that their policies lead to any gain in "diversity." All that preferences can do is to slightly redistribute where the "diverse" students attend. If a few of them get the (questionable) benefit of going to a more prestigious institution, those students are poached away from other schools which then have less "diversity." I would like to see Lee Bollinger explain how this game of musical chairs has any net benefits, even assuming that mixing a few URM students into the campus somehow improves the educational environment.

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