California Wants Students to Learn "Hxrstory" and “The Four ‘I’s of Oppression.”

A Call For Comments


The California Department of Education has drafted a Model Ethnic Studies Curriculum, under which K-12 students will “learn about the interlocking systems of oppression and privilege that impact all people of color.” The draft lists as one “goal” that under the influence of this curriculum, students will begin “engaging in civic action, community service and/or community education to dismantle white supremacy and institutional racism.”

The curriculum introduces students to such terms as “hxrstory” (the woke version of “history”), “cisheteropatriarchy,” and “Womanism.” It prides itself on being “Xdisciplinary,” which is “the holistic, humanistic, loving and critical praxis approach for teaching Ethnic studies.”

California students will soon memorize “The Four ‘I’s of Oppression”: ideological oppression, institutional oppression, interpersonal oppression, and internalized oppression.

The draft Model Ethnic Studies Curriculum is currently open for public comment until August 15. We encourage NAS members to read the draft curriculum here and submit their comments to [email protected].

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