Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.   In this week’s edition, they continue to follow chaotic events in the Middle East, lament American sexual prudery and ponder the consequences when countries build border walls.

  1. College parties and the exotic behavior they generate are just fine, but the editors of the Yale Daily News blast a recent one that goes far beyond the pale. Where’s the outrage?
  2. A political analyst for the Amherst Student is a bit skeptical with regard to the “democratic” uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia and other Middle Eastern countries. We shouldn’t assume that tolerant, pluralistic societies will automatically emerge, once the dust settles.
  3. On the other hand the opinions editor of the University of Alabama’s Crimson and White argues that US intervention in Libya is the best hope for genuine democratic reform, if it succeeds in deposing a brutal dictator.
  4. Another take is offered by a commentator in the Syracuse Daily Orange who thinks that the Obama administration is stumbling badly, and hasn’t clearly articulated its Libya policy at all.
  5. A columnist for the Maine Campus complains about the phony “openness” with which hot-button political issues are discussed at his school. Respondents, however, argue that he just doesn’t get it.
  6. An anonymous guest writer for the Arizona Daily Wildcat sees tragic parallels between the border policies of the United States and Israel.
  7. Although immigration has been a heated and confused issue for some time, a staffer for the Daily Utah Chronicle thinks that House Bill 466, currently under consideration in Congress, actually contains a lot of good sense.
  8. At the same time, a colleague writing in the Michigan Daily fears that the if Congress passes the proposed Energy Tax Prevention Act, the EPA will be prevented from monitoring dangerous greenhouse emissions.
  9. Americans continue to labor under the burden of repressive sexual hang-ups, argues a columnist for the Indiana Daily Student, and urges us to let go of our repressive, stifling Puritanism.
  10. Although a regular for the University Daily Kansan appreciates a lot of the work done by PETA and other animal rights advocates, he really does wish that they’d quit busting on him because he eats meat.
  11. Study abroad programs are great, says a writer for the UNC Chapel Hill Daily Tar Heel, but a significant lack of participation by minority students needs to be addressed. But first, it has to be noticed.
  12. An exchange student from Britain’s University of East Anglia tells Temple News readers that the often-derided general education requirements at many American universities are actually beneficial, and wishes that her own school had them.
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