Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.   In this week’s edition, they ruminate on the significance of Earth Day, how the 2012 presidential race is shaping up, the problems with Hate Crimes statutes and campus elitisim.

  1. At Georgetown, the editors of The Hoya find the university’s track record on sex education pretty dismal.
  2. A writer in UCLA’s Daily Bruin urges readers to view overseas manufacturing “sweatshops” more objectively. They often provide a way out of destitution for the people working in them.
  3. As next year’s presidential contest begins to accelerate, a political analyst for the Indiana Daily Student finds current GOP hopefuls pretty unimpressive.
  4. A colleague at the Iowa State Daily goes much further, and sees western democracies in general descending into celebrity contests. Just consider the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump if you doubt how bad things are.
  5. Although the annual Day of Silence doesn’t attract much support at MIT, an op ed writer for The Tech urges his classmates to take it more seriously, if they really care about LGTB issues.
  6. The University of Alabama is suffused with elitism among its undergraduates, and a regular for the Crimson White thinks that his newspaper needs to take notice.
  7. A writer for the Kentucky Kernal details her own observance of Earth Day, but also notes that UK’s sustainability efforts have been pretty mediocre. Time to get on the ball, she says.
  8. After viewing a performance of “The Black Watch” recently, two students at Grinnell College offer readers of the Scarlet &Black some thoughts on the lives of ordinary soldiers.
  9. A communications major writing in the Maine Campus is appalled by the lousy quality today’s Saturday morning cartoon shows.
  10. Audite:  a columnist for Columbia’s Daily Spectator thinks the university’s annual commencement should reinstate the traditional Latin salutatory.
  11. “Hate Crimes” statutes may be well-intentioned, but a political analyst for the Syracuse Daily Orange sees trouble in the group identity labeling they carry.
  12. A writer for the Lantern explains why OSU’s annual Awareness Week is so important, and laments that more of her classmates don’t take note.
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