Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.   As the academic year winds to its close, they ponder life in the real world, private vices and public officials, 2012 presidential politics and the features of a good college town.

  1. A graduating senior compares religious tolerance at home and abroad for readers of USC’s Daily Trojan.
  2. With major congressional re-districting looming for Ohio, a political analyst ponders the future of Congressman Dennis Kucinich for readers of the OSU Lantern.
  3. At the same time, the editors of the University of Florida’s Independent Gator get big laugh out Newt Gingrich’s announcement that he’ll seek the Republican presidential nomination next year.
  4. The private lives of public officials should not be such an obsessive pre-occupation of the American public, according to a columnist for The Dartmouth.
  5. A writer for NYU’s Washington Square News finds some major deficiencies in America’s understanding of the recent upheavals in Syria.
  6. As he prepares to graduate, an editor for the Daily Nebraskan offers some thoughts on the college experience, the journalistic calling and the world of politics.
  7. Following a storm of controversy from readers, the editor of the University of New Mexico’s Daily Lobo apologizes for publishing a political cartoon that precipitated the uproar. As the comments thread illustrates, the issue is still pretty hot stuff.
  8. The editors of The Diamondback size up the first six months of the University of Maryland’s new president.
  9. However sympathetic he may be to the many causes espoused by campus activists, a regular for the Michigan Daily thinks they need to consider less obtrusive methods of making their case.
  10. Like everyone else, a staffer for the Purdue Exponent is elated by the death of Osama bin Laden. He’s worried, though, by the flood of media leaks that have followed, and thinks they may compromise national security.
  11. A op ed columnist in The Daily at the University of Washington describes his and others’ efforts to get rid of the school’s current food vendor. In his opinion, they don’t treat their overseas help very well at all.
  12. As far as college towns are concerned, a writer for the KU Daily Kansan thinks Lawrence isn’t so bad – even if it is in Kansas.
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