Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly review of selected student columnists and opinion writers.   Although it’s summertime, many of them are on the job. In this edition, our writers size up the NBA and NFL, the state of conservative thinking, college faculty workloads and TCKs (Third Culture Kids).

  1. Americans have always sought superheroes in comic books and movies, and now they’re trying to find one in politics who can lift them out of the ongoing economic recession. That doesn’t work quite the same way, says an editorialist for The Dartmouth.
  2. When it comes to gay issues, Oklahoma as a state is way, way behind the curve, according to a writer for the OSU Daily.
  3. The NBA needs to clean up its act financially, and a sports writer for the University of South Carolina Gamecock knowshow to do it.
  4. A just-released report on UT/Austin faculty workloads and productivity is off base, according to an analyst in the Daily Texan. 
  5. Republicans and Democrats continue to cling to partisan politics, which they’ve simply got to set aside if they’re going to resolve the national debt crisis, as the WVU student president argues in The Athenaeum. 
  6. Although Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, she’s certainly not the “woman” for a political analyst in the Daily Utah Chronicle, who wants more than a stereotype.
  7. The Kansas legislature may say that recently-enacted laws regulating abortion clinics are intended to ensure medical safety, but a columnist for the University Daily Kansan wonders whom they think they’re kidding.
  8. A political analyst for the U of M’s Diamondback assesses the state of American conservatism, and argues that it’s got to dissociate itself from hopelessly divisive social issues.
  9. Although New York’s recent approval of gay marriage rightly ends favoritism towards heterosexuals, a writer in The Tech at MIT wants to go further and get rid of favoritism towards couples as well.
  10. Have you ever heard the term “Third Culture Kid?” Probably not, so a summer journalist for the Stanford Daily explains what a TKC is.
  11. A preoccupation with future generations shouldn’t impede necessary measures for dealing with the current economic mess, says an economist for the Indiana Daily Student.
  12. It looks as if there’ll be an NFL season after all, and that’s too bad, say the editors of the Iowa Daily Student. For just a minute, it looked as though football might actually matter more than big money. No such luck, alas.














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