Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors. In this edition, they have a go at the Middle East peace process, better financial aid packages for international students, the erosion of civil liberties and how to write a good farewell column for your paper. 

  1. An op ed writer for USC’s Daily Trojan offers some advice for students with scientific ability, but also attracted to the humanities: why not build a major that includes them both?
  2. The University of Delaware needs to be more proactive in response to students’ eating disorders, in the opinion of a freshman columnist for the Review. 
  3. The editors of the Auburn Plainsman are dismayed by the business-as-usual re-appointment of a long-serving member of their school’s board of trustees.
  4. A political analyst for the University of Wyoming’s Branding Iron thinks that we need to be clearer about our priorities in the Middle East , specifically with regard to Israeli-Palestinian relations.
  5. A senior writer for the Tennessee Daily Beacon ruminates on the tangled relationship between truth and power.
  6. An associate editor for the Daily Texan ponders the difficulties of writing farewell columns in the one he offers here.
  7. Stanford University badly needs to re-examine its financial assistance policies for international undergraduate applicants, say the editors of the Daily.
  8. A features columnist for the GW Hatchet offers practical advice for anyone thinking of a summer dalliance with a former paramour. 
  9. The GOP’s presidential timber for 2012 looks pretty dismal to an opinions columnist for the Daily Illini.
  10. Basic civil liberties may be in peril, if a recent ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court sticks, says an op ed writer for the Daily Student.  
  11. A guest columnist for The Dartmouth is very, very angry about local “gender dynamics,” and wants to see some basic changes on campus.
  12. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be the commencement speaker at Seton Hall University this year. Very unfortunate choice, says a faculty guest columnist for The Setonian. 
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