Collegiate Press Roundup 5-26-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular sampling of student journalists and editors, as they address various and sundry topics in their campus newspapers.  This week’s line-up takes on higher pay for women, ideological uniformity on campus, ways to control undergraduate alcoholic excess, the spiritual dimension of life and federal health care programs. 

  1. In the Temple News, a columnist argues that women in the workplace need to get serious about fighting for equal pay, which won’t be realized if they fail to negotiate higher salaries. 
  2. An OSU op-ed writer for The Lantern takes a look at anonymous bloggers and doesn’t think it’s such a big deal. 
  3. UCLA has a great deal of statistical “diversity” but, in the view of one writer for the Daily Bruin, it doesn’t seem to produce much in the way of “cultural exchanges.” 
  4. The editor-in-chief of The Current at the University of Missouri/St. Louis offers some thoughts on the trends and contradictions in popular youth culture. 
  5. A contributor to The Spectator at Hamilton College offers sage advice to the administration on how to curb some students’ bad habits. 
  6. The Obama administration’s healthcare bill contains more than a few features that one writer in the University of Alabama’s Crimson White doesn’t like at all. 
  7. As he prepares for graduation from Claremont/McKenna College, an op-ed regular for The Forum reflects on his collegiate experience, ponders his future and urges incoming freshmen to take it light. 
  8. Religious believers of all faiths should cultivate a sense of humor, says one writer in The Maine Campus. 
  9. An alumnus and former staffer for the Cornell Daily Sun reflects on the lack of variety in his alma mater’s choice of commencement speakers, as well as the restrictive intellectual climate on campus. 
  10. At Michigan State, the editors of State News urge Congress to repeal the military’s current “don’t ask, don’t tell” personnel policy. 
  11. Following attendance at two recent campus lectures, a Minnesota Daily columnist finds attractive new possibilities for “spiritual renewal.”
  12. In the Kentucky Kernal, a graduating senior English major, thinks he should not have had to waste so much time and money with Gen Ed. requirements. 


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