Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly lineup of selected student journalists and editors.   In this edition, they consider the case of an embattled congressman, over-the-top behavior by campus sports fans, subsidies to Big Oil and the approach of summer vacation.

  1.  A staffer for the Iowa State Daily is all for addressing the problem of sexual assault on campus, but thinks that some recently employed tactics aren’t the way to do it at all.
  2. The editors of MSU’s State News think it’s way past time to discontinue subsidies to oil companies. No doubt spike gas prices would spike, but that’s OK.
  3. Anyway you look at it, the situation in the Gaza Strip is a tragedy, says a commentator for the Daily Nebraskan. 
  4. A self-designated conservative writer for the Syracuse Daily Orange tells readers it’s been very helpful to him, as part of a small ideological minority on campus, to have his core beliefs constantly challenged.
  5. As summer vacation approaches, a junior columnist for The Chronicle at Duke actually isn’t looking forward to it.
  6. Whatever their feelings about campus varsity athletic issues, fans everywhere need to get a grip and stop threatening sportswriters, says an op ed writer for The Post at Ohio University.
  7. The editors of the UCLA Daily Bruin can’t make sense of their school’s decision to lay off instructors, while admitting a much larger freshman class for the Fall semester.
  8. Despite all of the public hoopla surrounding New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, the editor’s of WVU’s The Athenaeum find him guilty of no more than harmless peccadilloes, and advise him not to resign.
  9. By contrast, a political analyst for the South Carolina Gamecock thinks that the likes of Weiner, Arnold Schwartzenegger and John Edwards are dishonest jerks who demean public office, and can’t fathom why anyone would continue to support them.
  10. A recent U of P graduate tells readers of The Daily Pennsylvanian that he’d like to see a lot more transparency from his alma mater’s board of trustees.
  11. A columnist for the Pitt News ponders the existential significance of certain sartorial trends on campus.
  12. Gender and sexuality centers are a vital component in fighting prejudice on university campuses in Texas, and the editors of the UT/Austin Daily Texan strongly oppose pending legislation that would remove their funding.










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