Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly review of selected student editors and news analysts. For this week, they assess the state of student activism, explore the possibility of male/female friendship, weigh in on recent Vatican policies and discuss the place of marriage in one’s life

1)   In an increasingly diverse society, ethnic studies are vital to the K-12 curriculum, and a writer for the Northern Arizona University  News thinks it’s too bad that a program in Mexican-American culture has been banned by the state’s superintendant of education.  
2)      As the 2012 presidential election looms ever closer, a political commentator for the EmoryWheel thinks it’s pretty clear what the options are between the GOP and President Obama’s Democrats.
3)      Can men and women just be friends, without romantic intrusion? Yes, they can, says a regular for the Daily Illini.
4)      A columnist for the Indiana Daily Student ponders theconsequences of Vatican policies for re-uniting with traditionalist Anglican congregations, especially if they have married clergy.
5)      As the Occupy Wall Street movement confirms,student political activism is on the rise, nationwide, and a writer for the MSU State News hopes to see a return of massive 1960s-style protests. But in the opinion of his counterpart at the Brown Daily Herald,activism also has its complexities.
6)      Meanwhile, a colleague at the University of Maryland Diamondback argues that it’s tempting, but far off base to put all of the blame for today’s economic distress on Wall Street. How about the feckless and opportunistic congressional politicians who helped put us in the tank?
7)      President Obama’s call to narrow the gap between rich and poor really resonates with a staffer for the Minnesota Daily, although she argues that much more than simple social class accounts for it.
8)      What’s to say about marriage? Two writers for the Daily Nebraskan offer contrasting perspectives here and here.
9)      What exactly is former GOP presidential contender Herman Cain doing these days? A writer for the Virginia Cavalier Daily is pretty puzzled by his actions following his departure from the GOP primaries.
10) Most Americans are disillusioned with politics: either party is just as bad as the other. A political analyst for the UW Daily Cardinal attempts to explain why.
11)  Notwithstanding president Obama’s recent statements, college simply isn’t for all of us, says a Temple News writer. We need to explore alternate routes for those in need of them.
12)  Despite legitimate controversy over a recent ad in the OSU Lantern, a guest columnist argues that the paper is decidedly not anti-Islamic. 
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