Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly review of selected student journalists and editors.   In this week’s edition, US foreign aid, the educational benefits of pornography, same-sex marriage and synthetic marijuana are under scrutiny.

  1.  The recent legalization of same-sex marriage comes at a time when marriage in general means something much different than it did in the past, observes an op ed writer for The Dartmouth.
  2. The same news brings tempered optimism from the perspectives editor for the Arizona Daily Wildcat.
  3. A short-sighted congressional preoccupation with “cutting waste” has endangered American assistance to UNPFA, the UN population fund, and that’s really a shame, says a reporter for the OSU Lantern.
  4. A writer for the PSU Daily Collegian examines the valuable educational benefits of pornography.
  5. Popular TV depictions of teenage fathers give them a bum rap, says a columnist for UC Berkeley’s Daily Californian, and he offers an alternative view.
  6. Last week’s Punk Music festival was well worth attending, according to a reviewer for the Indiana Student.
  7. Should the state of Iowa ban synthetic marijuana? Two writers for the Daily Iowan offer contrasting opinions.
  8. The managing editor of the Auburn Plainsman is fed up with the media cheap shots being directed at her school, and she protests indignantly.
  9. Although there are currently some pretty steamy charges lodged against a former UW/Seattle star athlete, an opinion writer for The Daily urges readers to remember that he’s innocent until proven guilty.
  10. In view of the country’s constantly growing national debt, a political analyst for the University of Houston’s Daily Cougar thinks it’s hard to justify giving away foreign aid money to other countries.
  11. The editors of the Daily Texan make their case in favor of the Dream Act.
  12. A campaign to ban “psychiatric labeling” by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights is quixotic and irresponsible, says a psychology student in the Daily Utah Chronicle. 











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