Collegiate Press Roundup 05-06-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular sampling of student journalists and editors, as they address various and sundry topics in their campus newspapers.  Although the spring semester is in the final exam stage on most campuses, student journalists have still found time to take the measure of European Islamophobia, holistic education, Spanish LGBT culture, bullying studies and racism in the Tea Party movement. 

  1. A Harvard Crimson columnist cites the “threats to multiculturalism” and civil liberties posed by “growing Islamophobia” in Western Europe. 
  2. A guest editorial writer in Notre Dame’s Observer describes the state of LGBT culture in contemporary Spain and its implications for the South Bend campus.  Commenters respond from a variety of perspectives. 
  3. A couple of staffers at GMU’s Mason Gazette celebrate the appointment of a new philosophy professor who handily links traditional ethics categories to the worldwide sustainability movement. 
  4. A Daily Texan op-ed writer says “holistic education” isn’t worth a whole lot when you start looking for a job. 
  5. As he prepares to graduate, a features writer for the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Daily Beacon offers some parting reflections and advice. 
  6. The Tea Party movement continues to draw close attention of undergraduate journalists: a writer for The Dartmouth concludes that the TEA protestors, whatever their professed goals, are at bottom driven by racist motives. 
  7. At Maine’s Bates College, the editor of The Bates Student declares that he and his fellow Batesies are very smart, socially aware types who should be proud to own up to it. 
  8. Writing in the Daily Illini, a former Arizona resident and current senior at UI Urbana-Champaign tells his readers that something’s got to give on illegal immigration. 
  9. A regular op-ed writer in the University of San Francisco’s Foghorn says that the values and beliefs of the Founding Fathers reflect the values of a vastly different time and place, and are “irrelevant” in the contemporary world. 
  10. The editors of the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald salute the Iraq war vets who will be enrolling this fall, and urge readers to welcome them. 
  11. A columnist in the Kansas State Collegian fumes that “research” on bullying is a colossal waste of time, since it merely confirms what everyone already knows. 
  12. At Emory University, a senior writer in The Emory Wheel urges “progressives” to stop busting indiscriminately on “non-violent” conservative protest movements.
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