Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts


We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.  This edition’s contributors wonder if professors will be replaced by computers, take the measure of Black History month, and think that ROTC should stay away from college campuses. 

  1. A regular op ed writer for the University Daily Kansan offers some advice to heterosexual men who might be concerned at seeming that they aren’t.
  2. At the same time, a news item from USC’s Daily Trojan describes a move by local LGTB activists to include sexual orientation on college application forms.
  3. Black History Month is about much more than a single month out of the year, says a columnist for Western Kentucky University’s Herald.
  4. A recent news story about a gender gap among Wikipedia users strikes one writer at the UMass/Amherst Daily Collegian as beyond ridiculous.
  5. A guest commentator for the Rutgers Daily Targum argues that the Bible doesn’t provide much guidance for the question of when life begins.
  6. The editors of Virginia’s Cavalier Daily note that a recent book on the dismal state of American higher education was co-authored by one of their own professors. They hope that the university’s leaders have read it.
  7. A regular for the Stanford Daily describes the travails of remaining loyal to his hometown NFL team.
  8. With or without don’t-ask-don’t-tell, a writer for the Eagle at American University does NOT want ROTC on campus.
  9. Writing in The Diamondback, a student at the University of Maryland wonders if new instructional technologies have made the professoriate expendable.
  10. The University of Michigan’s campus-wide smoking ban makes sense, says a non-smoker in The Michigan Daily, and warns persistent smokers to keep their distance from him.
  11. The Daily Nebraskan publishes an expose of social life among architecture students, generating a furious reader response.
  12. A commentator for the Cornell Daily Sun thinks that conservatives have no basis to accuse anyone else of judicial activism, in light of recent Supreme Court decisions. Are they kidding?
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