Collegiate Press Roundup 5-19-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular sampling of student journalists and editors, as they address various and sundry topics in their campus newspapers. Undergraduate journalists this week take a look at national politics, the limits of free speech, environmental ethics, guns on campus and the larger significance of four years in college. 

  1. A writer in Purdue University’s Exponent weighs the potential impact of a presidential run by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.  
  2. A departing senior columnist at KU’s University Daily Kansan bids farewell, and expresses satisfaction that his weekly opinion forays really riled readers up. 
  3. An op-ed regular in the Amherst Student ruminates on the prospects for bipartisanship in Washington, DC.  He concludes that it just might work. 
  4. The editors of the News-Letter at Johns Hopkins think that Colorado State University’s administration blew it big time by rescinding its prohibition of student-carried concealed weapons on campus.  Several commenters dispute their reasoning. 
  5. Free speech is being increasingly abused, says a columnist in the UCLA Daily Bruin, especially where anti-Muslim sentiments are concerned. 
  6. By contrast, the editors of The Volante believe that the University of South Dakota’s administration needs to take free speech more seriously, and eschew the “culture of censorship” which has become more encroaching on campus. 
  7. As he anticipates graduation, a Boston College senior uses his space in The Heights to appreciate those in his life who helped bring him to this threshold.  
  8. Writing in The Western Front, a WWSU environmental columnist argues that environmental ethical issues can’t be reduced to either/or dimensions. 
  9. The editors of The Columbia Spectator ask each of their regular columnists to provide a one-sentence summary of the past the year’s experiences. 
  10. A graduating columnist at the University of Arizona’s Daily Wildcat ponders the significance of his baccalaureate experience and cautions his classmates about getting cocky. 
  11. A guest editorialist at OSU’s The Lantern argues that Arizona’s new immigration law parallels the racial laws of Nazi Germany, and subjects minorities to “cultural profiling.”
  12. A Clarion University (Pa.) correspondent fumes that a regular writer in The Clarion Call is uninformed at the least, anti-Catholic at the worst. 
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