Collegiate Press Roundup 11-9-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.   This week, they're writing about the election results, false feminists, accidental stereotyping and obnoxious environmental activists.

  1. As she surveys the November election landscape, a staffer for the Yale Daily News warns readers to watch out for the phony feminists running for office this year.
  2. Stanford’s apparently doing very well as far as its campus sustainability initiatives are concerned, and a columnist for the Stanford Daily anticipates even better things to come.
  3. It’s rather different at UT/Austin, where a writer for the Daily Texan wishes that aggressive environmental activists would quit hitting up cash-strapped students for money all the time.
  4. Although the editors of the Indiana University Daily Student think Nancy Pelosi has been a terrific Speaker of the House, they suggest that she step aside in favor of a more centrist leader, now that her party’s heading for minority status.
  5. The editor of UW Madison’s Badger Herald apologizes for inadvertently stereotyping Native Americans and draws some heated correspondence as a result.
  6. If you’re heading out for Thanksgiving this year, the editors of the Western Front Online urge you to beware of airport security scanners, which really encroach on your privacy.
  7. A staffer for the Daily Princetonian thinks that it’s important to keep in touch with home base when you’re far away at school, and describes how he does it for himself.
  8. At UNC Chapel Hill, the Sexual Health columnist for the Daily Tar Heel thinks that a critical “teachable moment” has arrived regarding LGBT issues.
  9. An op ed writer for The University Daily Kansan thinks it’s time to stop locking people up simply for smoking pot.
  10. After posing as a traditional Muslim woman for a month, a regular columnist for the Kentucky Kernal describes her experience to readers.
  11. The news business thrives on negative stories, says one of its practitioners in the Daily Nebraskan, and he regretfully informs readers that he’s got nothing bad to tell them this week.
  12. One good result of the recent elections is the apparent demise of extremism at both ends of the spectrum, says an editorialist for the Nevada Sagebrush.
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