Collegiate Press Roundup, 9-9-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors. This week’s sampling includes their take on the medical uses of marijuana, President Obama’s views of higher education and “diversity” speakers with lousy jokes. 

  1. Writing in the Michigan Daily, a U of M student residence hall advisor doesn’t find a popular “diversity” speaker’s jokes very funny.
  2. A guest op-ed in the Harvard Crimson by President Obama ignites a lengthy combox exchange among regular readers.
  3. The editors of the Minnesota Daily think that it costs way too much to get an education at U of M these days, and they urge readers to help them get on the administration’s case about it.
  4. Even though the medical use of marijuana is now legal in Washington, D.C., it’s still off limits for that purpose on the GWU campus. A writer for the GW Hatchet just doesn’t get it.
  5. On the same subject, a colleague at SIU’s Daily Egyptian wishes that Facebook would stop banning pictures of the marijuana plant, since they allow nearly everything else.
  6. Former Bush administration official Karl Rove recently spoke at Yale, and a columnist for the Daily News wishes he’d been asked some tougher questions.
  7. A regular contributor to Notre Dame’s Observer makes some changes in his column, in hopes of accommodating his readers’ limited attention span.
  8. Life in college doesn’t provide you with a safety net, says a Daily Lobo writer at the University of New Mexico. It’s up to you, he tells new students, and the key to success is to learn the art of time management.
  9. Writing in the Kentucky Kernal, a Muslim student embraces her religious identity and tolerance as well.
  10. A member of the Daily Texan’s editorial board says not to get hyperventilated over college ratings: they’re overrated.
  11. A once-enthusiastic supporter of President Obama tells readers of the Temple News how disappointed he’s been with the president’s tepid leadership style.
  12. A writer in the Daily Nebraskan offers an appreciation of her parents and the positive influence they’ve had in her life.
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