Debunking Common Core Myths

Sandra Stotsky

Cross-posted from Pioneer Institute:

One of the most interesting phenomena in the “Common Core War” is the number of “myths,” “claims,” and “facts” that have been put out by the advocates of Common Core’s standards. What they claim are “myths” are usually the facts, and what they claim are “facts” are usually myths or simply claims. No wonder uninformed legislators and journalists are confused. Some still think that the “fundamental” source of conflict in the Common Core War is growing opposition by members of a nation-wide Tea Party to a uniform set of demanding standards across this country, even though most of the Common Core opponents clearly identify themselves as parents and teachers.

That is not the basic problem. The stakes are much, much higher than that. But we all do need to start with an agreement on what the basic facts are. To that end, I offer two documents.

The first is on Common Core’s claims about the development, quality, and implementation of its standards, here.

The second is on facts about the membership and credentials of the Standards Development Work Groups, the standards writers, and the Validation Committee and why Massachusetts adopted Common Core’s standards. Read it here.

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