Harvard Crimson Staff Skeptical of Dining Hall Workers'"Sustainability" Demands

Ashley Thorne

The Harvard Crimson recently published an editorial raising an eyebrow at demands by the University's unionized dining hall workers when they asked for longer hours and more “sustainable” food production, which in this case, means preparing more dining hall food in-house. The editors write, "As students who have not studied the minute details of the carbon footprint left by Harvard University Dining’s Services’ operations, it’s difficult to assess how much of an environmental difference the dining staff’s demands would actually effect. " They aren't convinced that the union workers are really that into being eco-friendly:

onlookers should have good reason to be skeptical whether a marriage of convenience isn’t really the major motivating factor behind this move. To that end, Harvard and UNITE HERE—the HUHDS’ staff union—should, at the very least, investigate more seriously whether in-sourcing this massive culinary production will really be greener before making any decision on so-called environmental grounds. We’d be curious to know.

But, the editors agree, anything that will improve the quality of Harvard's dining hall food - which is apparently less than elite - would be welcome, whether or not it benefits the environment.

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