Jennifer Gratz Reflects on the Battle Over Racial Preferences

George Leef

In today's Pope Center Clarion Call, Jennifer Gratz -- the successful plaintiff in the case against the University of Michigan's undergraduate racial preferences -- writes about the recently argued Fisher case and the continuing battle over racial preferences. She argues that there are no justifications for public universities to treat some students better than others just on account of the happenstance of their ancestry.

I agree entirely. America should not have to wait out the full 25 years Justice O'Connor thought we should allow for higher ed officials to experiment with racial engineering in quest of "critical masses" and "balanced representation." The best outcome in Fisher would be for the Court to admit that it made a mistake and overrule Grutter, just as it admitted its mistake in Plessy v. Ferguson when overruling it in Brown v. Board of Education.

Image: The Blaze

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