NAS Sustainability Report Continues to Garner Coverage


The National Association of Scholars' president Peter Wood and research associate Rachelle Peterson have appeared on several radio stations to talk about our latest report, Sustainability: Higher Education's New FundamentalismTwo samples include Wood's appearance on CBS Connecticut News with Ray Dunaway and Peterson's appearance on Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos.

In his article for Breitbart titled "Think Global Warming Is Bad? Wait Until You Meet Sustainability," William M. Briggs draws on Sustainability, writing that, "Anybody interested in the future of the Western university should read it."

Jack Kerwick reviewed Sustainability for Front Page Mag, writing that, "The National Association of Scholars deserves to be commended for their service. This fine organization of academics has made it plain that neither higher learning nor the rest of Western civilization can sustain the “sustainability” movement."

Nationally syndicated columnist George F. Will devoted a recent column for the Washington Post to Sustainability

Additionally, at the William F. Buckley Society's "Disinvitation Dinner," Will discussed the soft totalitarianism that the campus sustainability movement fosters.

George Will on the First Amendment and why "inappropriate laughter" is now banned on one college campus. via @NASorg

— Garvis Campbell (@GarvisCampbell) April 26, 2015

George Leef, a research associate for the J.W. Pope Center, reviewed Sustainability for the J. W.  Pope Center and National Review Online:

"There is a new fad rampaging across the college landscape—#sustainability,” says George Leef:

— J.W. Pope Center (@PopeCenter) April 15, 2015

Leef writes for NRO, "NAS has come out with a report that exposes the effort for what it is: indoctrination and advocacy pretending to be education...Authors Peter Wood (president of NAS) and Rachelle Peterson (research associate) do a superb job of covering the origins, growth, and dangers of the sustainability movement."

Coverage of Sustainability by George Will and George Leef was listed in Forbes' "Higher Education Week in Review: Catch-Up Edition."

J.D. King and Megan Toombs mentioned Sustainability and its findings in their article titled "Divestment and Sustainability Movements - Anti-Higher Education?" for, as did H. Sterling Burnett in his article titled "Sustainability Craze Is Undermining Higher Education" for The American Spectator.

Joanna Williams, the education editor of sp!ked, wrote a brief review of Sustainability, remarking that, "The authors of Sustainability are careful not to take any position on the existence of anthropomorphic global warming. Instead they argue that ‘all important ideas ought to be open to reasoned debate and careful examination of the evidence’. Indeed, for over a century scepticism and the ultimate contestability of all truth claims underpinned not just the scientific method but the entire liberal academic project. Advancing and challenging truth claims made criticism a meaningful exercise and intellectual progress possible."

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Image Credit: Richard Eriksson, cropped.

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