Political Correctness Run Amuck

Candace de Russy

Over at Pajamas Media, Candace de Russy gives us an account of “political correctness run amuck” in which Michael Filozof, a professor at Monroe Community College, was ousted for expressing his personal political opinions outside the classroom. Professor Filozof was fired in 2004 after he expressed “support for the war in Iraq and for President Bush at the time.” In turn, Filozof has brought a lawsuit against Monroe Community College, “for violations of the First Amendment, asking for back pay and to be reinstated in his job.” De Russy points out that although Filozof’s situation—as a case of political discrimination—is not unique, it is remarkable that his persistence and evidence succeeded in convincing a federal judge to grant him the right to a jury trial (to take place within a year). The court’s ruling, Filozof said, is a “victory for academic freedom.” Final victory, however, will be determined in the ensuing jury trial.

To read Candace de Russy’s article, “Bush-Supporting Professor Granted Trial for Firing,” click here.


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