Students Tell It Like It Is

Glenn Ricketts

One of the things I really enjoy in preparing Collegiate Press Roundup each week is finding students who are willing to say things that many faculty - and certainly administrators - wouldn't dare. 

Take this week's edition for example.  In items 9 and 10, two undergraduate newshawks have a go at "diversity" on their respective campuses, and state what probably looks to many non-academics like the obvious. In the first instance, our correspondent at Grinnell College notes that discussion of "diversity" issues on his campus tends to be ideologically lopsided: it's OK for designated "diverse" groups to bang the table and sound off, but most others keep mum for fear of ostracism. At the same time, his counterpart in Seattle rightly scores the transparent charade of an undergraduate "diversity" requirement, and calls for its elimination. In other words, the Emperor wears no clothes, and there's an 800-pound gorilla sitting next to you on the sofa.

Keep it up, fellas, and let us know if you're cited for insensitivity.

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