When Cancel Culture Comes: Resources for Scholars, Administrators, and Students

National Association of Scholars

It only takes an instant.

Cancel culture is merciless, and it moves at light speed. Some professors, administrators, and students targeted by their detractors’ wrath have found themselves in business as usual on Monday and out on the street on Tuesday.

No one is safe. Deans and administrators can, and have, combed through decades of a professor’s work searching for the slightest instance of misstep from the acceptable orthodoxy.

The National Association of Scholars stands as a bulwark against cancel culture. We defend professors, students, independent scholars, administrators, and others who run afoul of the modern day censors who police “unacceptable” speech and ideas on college and university campuses. We write open letters, provide behind-the-scenes advice, and marshal support for beleaguered scholars.

One of the most common refrains we hear from the scholars we work with facing cancellation is that they don’t know what resources are available to them. To answer this need, NAS has put together a list of such resources. This list provides details on a number of organizations working in the realm of academic freedom, free speech, intellectual diversity, and the freedom to teach and research.

The organizations listed vary widely in their audiences, focus areas, and activities. But all of them bring something to the table. Not every organization listed may be right for every scholar or student facing cancellation. But NAS wants everyone in the academy to be aware of the options available to them.

NAS has worked with a number of these organizations over the years, and we present this list as a resource for anyone facing cancellation. If you have further questions or would like us to add another organization to the list, please email us at [email protected].

Download an Excel chart of academic freedom organizations.

Download Word document of academic freedom organizations.

Image: Hartmann Schedel, Public Domain

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