Event: Social Justice Education in Idaho

National Association of Scholars

Social Justice Education in Idaho

Thursday, January 28th at 2 pm ET (12 pm MT)

On Zoom

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has published a new report, Social Justice Ideology in Idaho Higher Education. It details how social justice ideology has worked its way into the goals of college administrators, into the policies, the curriculum and even the daily lives of students at Idaho's colleges and universities.

While nearly everyone is for justice, social justice is an entirely different animal. Traditional definitions of justice do not apply. "Justice," according to these advocates means whatever they say it means: today it means we must discriminate in employment and admissions by race and ideology; tomorrow it means we must encourage the segregation of students by race and sex to "build community."

This report details how the state's universities have adopted the rules of social justice ideology and required others on campus to comply with them. Students can graduate without ever taking a class in American history, civics, or literature, but they cannot even pass their sophomore year without paying out for four social justice courses.

What makes social justice ideology so insidious? What do its followers want? And why do they focus so heavily on capturing our institutions of higher learning? Where do we need to look for such social justice ideology on campuses?

For answers, join us on January 28th at 2 pm ET (12 pm MT) as we discuss Social Justice Ideology in Idaho Higher Education with the authors, Scott Yenor, Washington Fellow at Claremont's Center for the American Way way of Life, and Anna K. Miller, an education analyst at the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

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