Upcoming Events in California and Connecticut

Ashley Thorne

Members and readers in California and Connecticut, here are a couple of upcoming events sponsored by NAS affiliates:

Tuesday, May 4, 7:30 PM (Note date change, formerly April 22)
Dinesh D’Souza
What's So Great About Capitalism?
University of California Santa Cruz, Merrill College Cultural Center

Wednesday, May 12, 7:00 PM
Karen Torre
Lead counsel in Ricci v.DeStefano
Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Connecticut, Vance Auditorium, Room 105

Dinesh D’Souza (May 4):

The California Association of Scholars and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute cordially invite you to a free lecture, open to the public.  Dinesh D’Souza will address the moral arguments for and against capitalism in our age of Obama. He will show why the free market system is not only efficient but also moral, and will address topical applications to health care and financial regulations.

Co-sponsorship: American Freedom Alliance
For more information: 310-569-0853 or www.isi.org

Dinesh D'Souza has been called one of the "top young public-policy makers in the country" by Investor’s Business Daily. The New York Times Magazine named him one of America's most influential conservative thinkers. The World Affairs Council lists him as one of the nation's 500 leading authorities on international issues. Newsweek cited him as one of the country's most prominent Asian Americans.

A former policy analyst in the Reagan White House,  D'Souza also served as John M. Olin Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the Robert and Karen Rishwain Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College in 1983.

Mr. D'Souza's books have had a major influence on public opinion and public policy. His 1991 book Illiberal Education was the first study to publicize the phenomenon of political correctness. The book was widely acclaimed and became a New York Times bestseller for 15 weeks. It has been listed as one of the most influential books of the 1990's. (www.dineshdsouza.com)

Karen Torre (May 12):

On Wednesday, May 12, at 7 p.m. in Vance Auditorium, Room 105, Central Connecticut State University in New Britain Connecticut, Karen Torre will be speaking to members of the Connecticut Association of Scholars about her experiences as lead counsel in the case of Ricci vs. DeStefano, in which the United States Supreme Court in June 2009 ruled in favor of her clients, eighteen New Haven CT firefighters who had been denied promotions they were entitled to on the basis of their performance on a written examination.

Ms. Torre's talk is co-sponsored by the College Republicans at CCSU and is open to the general public.  All NAS members are cordially invited.

For directions or additional information, contact Jay Bergman at 860-667-9499 or by email ([email protected]).

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