NAS Applauds Wisconsin High Court Ruling in McAdams Case


PRESS RELEASE: Wisconsin Supreme Court sides with academic freedom in the case of John McAdams.

College Common Readings Designed to Make Activists, Study Finds


PRESS RELEASE: NAS releases Beach Books 2016-2017: What Do Colleges Want Students to Read Outside Class? The annual study surveys the strength of college common reading across the United States.

Radical Activists Hijack Civics Education, Study Finds


PRESS RELEASE: A new study, Making Citizens, documents how activists have taken over the term "civic learning" and turned it into a way to raise up a new generation of protesters. 

Politics Undermining Learning, Scholars Warn University of California

PRESS RELEASE: The California Association of Scholars has published a report showing how radical faculty members and administrators and politicized courses have compromised the quality of education in the University of California.