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Rachel Fulton Brown is a tenured associate professor of history at the University of Chicago, who specializes in the religious history of the Medieval West. She won the Medieval Academy of America’s John Nicholas Brown Prize for her 2002 book From Judgment to Passion: Devotion to Christ and the Virgin Mary, 800–1200, and her latest book, Mary and the Art of Prayer: The Hours of the Virgin in Medieval Christian Life and Thought (2017) is a formidable tome that has already begun to receive favorable reviews.

Recently, however, Professor Brown has been attacked as a racist and a white supremacist. Some of her critics claim she is complicit in inciting violence against her fellow professors. These accusations are calumnies. Professor Brown has argued fiercely against the invasion of social justice warriors into the field of medieval studies, where they make specious claims about the medieval past. She is also on record as writing positively about Milo Yiannopoulos. Her beliefs have provoked a host of false accusations against her character.

Professor Daniel Franke of Richard Bland College has cogently explained the accusations of racism and white supremacy: “Fulton Brown’s conservative beliefs in the value of ‘Western civilization’ have been publicly attacked since 2016 as ‘white supremacist’ by Dorothy Kim of Vassar.” Professor Brown’s “incitement to violence”? She published screenshots of Kim’s defamatory comments about her on her own blog. As Professor Franke properly concluded, “Fulton Brown’s response to Kim hardly qualifies as ‘persecution.’”

Professor Brown is in an enviable position: she has tenure, and she teaches at the University of Chicago, which is one of the stronger remaining defenders of academic freedom in American higher education. Yet although she has not lost her job, she seems unusually friendless. No institutional body has defended her scholarly reputation.

Reputational attacks might sometimes be shrugged off, but labeling an innocent person a racist or white supremacist today is the kind of reputational attack that cannot be ignored. It is a tactic used to avoid an opponent’s actual arguments and thus suppress academic and intellectual freedom. It debases the currency of scholarship and must be answered with strong affirmations of principle and attention to the facts.

The National Association of Scholars has a long history of supporting academic freedom. We also support character-based education. We also support the honor of calumnied scholars, and we want other academic institutions to defend the reputation of professors and students who have been subjected to false, shaming accusations.

NAS President Peter Wood has written public letters to four individuals who are responsible for institutions that should feel responsible for defending Professor Brown’s honor—Robert J. Zimmer (President, University of Chicago), Amanda Woodward (Dean, Division of the Social Sciences, University of Chicago), Adrian Johns (Interim Chair, Department of History, University of Chicago), and David Wallace (President, Medieval Academy of America). He calls on them to declare publicly that Professor Brown’s professional character meets the standards catalogued by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) in its Statement on Professional Ethics. He specifically calls on them to affirm that Professor Brown has fulfilled all obligations that derive from common membership in the community of scholars, and that she has never discriminate[d] against or harass[ed] colleagues.

We ask other scholars, and members of the broader public, to join us in our support of Professor Brown, and to join us in urging, civilly and respectfully, that these four academic institutions affirm their confidence in Professor Brown’s good scholarly character. We hope that the appearance of a long list of public supporters will encourage these institutions to vindicate her.

We’ve appended the text of the Letter in Support of Rachel Fulton Brown below, and we’re also providing a link to it as a PDF.

We urge everyone who wants to be listed as a signatory of this letter to provide his or her name and institutional affiliation in this Google Docs form. We will list all signatories on a dedicated webpage, and convey that information to the University of Chicago and the Medieval Academy of America.

Please sign. Professor Brown deserves to have her reputation back.

Letter in Support of Rachel Fulton Brown

Rachel Fulton Brown, an associate professor of history at the University of Chicago’s Department of History, during the last several years has been the subject of a series of defamatory attacks.

Vigorous polemics by Professor Brown, notably her blog-posts “Talking Points: Three Cheers for White Men” (June 5, 2015) and “How to Signal You Are Not a White Supremacist” (September 14, 2017), led a large number of scholars to calumny Professor Brown as a racist, a white supremacist, and someone who has been complicit in inciting violence against her fellow professionals.

We do not think such calumnies should stand unanswered. We affirm our belief that Rachel Fulton Brown’s professional character meets the standards catalogued by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) in its Statement on Professional Ethics ( We specifically affirm our belief that Professor Brown has fulfilled all obligations that derive from common membership in the community of scholars, and that she has never discriminate[d] against or harass[ed] colleagues. We affirm that any university, scholarly association, or other academic body should be proud to have Professor Brown as a member.

We respect and cherish the principle of institutional neutrality in scholarly disputes. Yet we do not think that principle conflicts with the duty of academic-corporate bodies to vindicate the reputation of their members when they have been falsely accused of disgraceful and unprofessional conduct. We, therefore, call on all institutions of whom Professor Brown is a member—and all institutions who object to the defamation of scholarly good character—to join us in these affirmations.

We specifically urge that public vindications of Professor Brown’s scholarly good character be made by President Robert Zimmer of the University of Chicago, Dean Amanda Woodward of the University of Chicago’s Division of the Social Sciences, Acting Chair Adrian Johns of the University of Chicago’s Department of History, and President David Wallace of the Medieval Academy of America.

We urge these institutions to consider the damage their own reputations have suffered by failing to repudiate the calumnies inflicted upon Rachel Fulton Brown. We counsel them that they can best restore their own reputations by a wholehearted vindication of her character.



Richard A. Landes, Boston University
Michael Bennett, Curry College 
Charles Lipson, University of Chicago
Florin Curta, University of Florida
Anthony Michael Esolen, Thomas More College
Jane Chance, Rice University
Bruce Gilley, Portland State University
Andrew Holt, Florida State College at Jacksonville
Stephen Basedo, Richmond University
Janice Fiamengo, University of Ottawa
Philip Carl Salzman, McGill University
Leor Jacobi, Bar-Ilan University
Patanjali Kambhampati, McGill University
Michael Rectenwald, New York University
Jeffrey R. Woolf, Bar Ilan University
Bruce Heiden, Ohio State University
Annemarie Weyl Carr, Southern Methodist University
Malynne Sternstein, University of Chicago
Jonathan Good, Reinhardt University
Prior Peter Funk, Monastery of the Holy Cross, Chicago
Richard L. Harris, University of Saskatchewan
Anthony G. Cirilla, College of the Ozarks
Michael S. Kochin, Tel Aviv University
Stephen Presser, Northwestern University
John Tangney, University of Tyumen
David Wayne Layman, York College of Pennsylvania
Micah Sample, Indiana Wesleyan University
Robert Rich, University of Rochester
Benjamin Baird, Virginia Commonwealth University
Ryan Winters, Harvard University; University of Chicago
Micheal D. McFeggan, Roosevelt University
Jay Bergman, Central Connecticut State University
Douglas W. Texter, Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell
Kevin Krahenbuhl, Middle Tennessee State University 
James Peterson, University of Alberta
Paul Halsall, Fordham University
Warren Moore, Newberry College
Laura Finsten, McMaster University
James Moran, Charité, Berlin
Thomas J. MacMaster, Morehouse College
Alyssa P. Maria, Lawrence University
Christopher Flavin, Northeastern State University
Scott Hahn, Franciscan University of Steubenville
Joseph Manson, University of California - Los Angeles
Katheryn Merriam, Norwich University
Stephen Perrott, Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
John C. Swanson, University of Florida
Steve Weidenkoph, Christendom College Graduate School of Theology
Paul Crawford, California University of Pennsylvania
Shiru Wang, Syracuse University
Nils de Mol van Otterloo, University of Southern California
Keegan Hite, Suffolk University
Peter Suedfeld, University of Columbia
Jon Bornholdt, University of Wüzburg, Germany
Shamik Chakravarty, Lingnan University 
Matthew Neufeld, University of Saskatchewan
Alison Kaufman, University of Oregon
Clive Seligman, Western University
Daniel White, University College London
Rick Mehta, Acadia University
Steve Lupker, University of Western Ontario
Lois Lemonda Stony, Brook University
Frances Widdowson, Mount Royal University
Betsy Frisch, University of Wisconsin
Paul Anghinetti, Rhode Island College
Rachel Brewer, Cardiff University, Wales
James Whitley, Cardiff University
Richard Volkman, Southern Connecticut State University
D. Fernandez-Morera, Northwestern University
Lorne Carmichael, Queen's University at Kingston
Robert George, Princeton University
Justin Kalef, Rutgers University
Kevin R. C. Gutzman, Western Connecticut State University
M.D. Allen, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
Patricia Flower, Wichita State University
Francis J. Caponi, Villanova University
James Davidson, University of Exeter
Dennis Gouws, Springfield College
R.J. Stansbury, Roberts Wesleyan College
Mark Weusten, University of Toronto
David Frederick Erdman, University of Dallas
Phoebe S. Spinrad, The Ohio State University 
Barton Lane, Stanford University
Jim Rogers, Louisiana State University of Alexandria
K.W. Hipps, Washington State University
Kendall Svengalis, University of Rhode Island
Edward F. Gehringer, North Carolina State University
Stanley J. Vitton, Michigan Technological University
John gist, Western New Mexico University
Martin Andrucki, Bates College
George A. Hagedorn, Virginia Polytechnic Insitute; Virgnia State University
Keith Stanovich, University of Toronto 
Reid Derr, East Georgia State College
Maarten van Swaay, Kansas State University 
John Rivero, Syracuse University 
Henry Bleattler, The King's College, NYC
Norman S. Lillegard, University of Tennessee-Martin
Bill Williams, CUNY Hunter College
Hal R. Arkes, Ohio State University 
Kenneth B. McIntyre, Sam Houston State University
Robert L. Paquette, Hamilton College
Gabriel J. Gardner, California State University-Long Beach
James F. Guyot, City University of New York
Jonathan Katz, Washington University, St. Louis
Malcolm Sherman, State University of New York at Albany
Michael Trigoboff, Portland Community College
James Bradfield, Hamilton College
Brian F. Volkman, Medical College of Wisconsin
Heinz Klatt, King's University College, Western
Gordon E. Finley, Florida International University
John McAdams, Marquette University
Olympia B. Gonzalez, Loyola University Chicago
John Staddon, Duke University
D. Brendan Nagle, University of Southern California
Donald N. Mei, Gateway Community College
John T. Broom, Norwich University
Paul A. Rahe, Hillsdale College
David Clemens, Monterey Peninsula College
Norman Melchert, Lehigh University
Walter Block, Loyola University-New Orleans
Charles Boncelet, University of Delaware
Thomas Tacker, Embry-Riddle
Robert Benne, Roanoke College
Jame Condon, University of Virginia
John B. Wickstrom, Kalamazoo College
Micheal Potts, Methodist University
Michael Sugrue, Ave Maria University
William Porterfield, Hampden-Sydney College
David Bradshaw, University of Kentucky
David Sunding, University of California, Berkeley
Ralph M. Faris, the Community College of Philadelphia
William Kuechler, University of Nevada, Reno
Teng Li, Shanghai Normal University
Hilve Firek, Virginia Wesleyan University
James Valadez, University of Redlands
Daniel Asia, University of Arizona
Daniel Johnson, Belmont University
Derry Eynon, Colorado State University, Emeritus
Mark R. Lee, University of San Diego
John Lyon, University of Pittsburg, Retired
Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster, Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, NY
Allen J. Schwenk, Western Michigan University
Stephen H. Balch, Texas Tech University
Tom Flanagan, University of Calgary
Vesselin Petkov, Minkowski Institute, Montreal, Canada
Gabor Lukacs, Dalhousie University
John Bonnett, Brok University
Silvert Thomas Ellingsen, University of Ohio
Meagan Green, University of Rochester
Rob Whitley, McGill University
M.P. McLoughlin, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania 
Ralph A. Rossum, Claremont McKenna College
Harry W. Power, Rutgers University, Emeritus
Gregg Trueman, Mount Royal University
Donald W. Swanton, Roosevelt University
B. Nelson Ong, The College of New Rochelle
Kevin H. Mcintyre, McDaniel College
Andrew Irvine, UBC Okanagan
Adam Candeub, Michigan State College of Law
John T. Warner, Clemson University
Stan Benda, Osgoode Hall Law School
Joseph Olson, Hamline University, Emeritus
Mitchel B. Langbert, Brooklyn College, City Universty of New York
Michael Kort, Boston University
Joseph Clark, Drexel University
David Potts, City College of San Francisco
Kenneth B. Chodnicki, Mt. St. Mary's University, Board of Trustees
Nancy Higgins, St. Thomas University, Fredericton NB Canada
Rodney L. Burton, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Roger Seamon, University of British Columbia
Tyler Haynes, Saginaw Valley State University
Warren Treadgold, Saint Louis University
Zachary Burno, Skyline College
Stephen Urbanski, University of Chicago
Howard M. Isaacs, Hofstra University
Jane Dobson, University of Cambridge
Jordan Goldstein, Wilfrid Laurier University
Robert S. Orr, University of Toronto
David Murrell, University of New Brunswick at Fredericton
Arthur Hill, University of Guelph
Christopher F. Armstrong, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Chani Hadad, Bar-Ilan University
Edward Fraser McArthur, Oxbridge
Joshua F. Drake, Grove City College
Pierre Desrochers, University of Toronto
William Murphy, the University of the South
Philip Backman, University of New Brunswick - Saint John
Jason Jewell, Faulkner University
Fred Baumann, Kenyon College
Serge Frolov, Sothern Methodist University
Jeffery Zucker, McMaster University 
David G. Munoz, University of Toronto
Robert Jackall, Williams College
Douglas Levene, Peking University school transnational Law
James E. Moore, II, University of Southern California
Kaare W. Strom, University of California, San Diego
Kevin G. Mullis, Northern Oklahoma College
William F. Smyth, McMaster University
Robert Heidt, Indian University Mauer School of Law, Emeritus
I.J. Makan, Saint Mary's University
Matthew Vester, West Virginia University
Thomas Figueira, Rutgers University
Jonathan Taylor, California State University - Fullerton
Thomas F. X. Noble, University of Notre Dame, Emeritus
Petr Zizler, Mount Royal University
Joanna Szurmak, University of Toronto
Curt H. Stiles, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Robert J. Tomanek, University of Iowa
Anne D. Hall, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Colleen H. Hyden, Washington & Jefferson College
Philip L. Cohen, Temple University
Michael Burger, Auburn University of Montgomery
Craig Galbraith, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Fred Friedel, Bellevue College
Glenn R. Showalter, University of Virginia
David Martinez, University of Chicago
Neil Gilbert, University of California - Berkeley
Allen Shafter, San Diego State University
Winfield Sterling, Texas A&M University, Emeritus
Marco Del Giudice, University of New Mexico
Richard Shaw, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College
Charles C. Nickerson, Bridgewater State Univesity, Emeritus
Kylie Stough, Liberty University
Dayna Plehn, University of Michigan
Michele Studt, Southeastern Missouri State University
Anne Lanute, Escoffier School of Culinary Arts
William M. Freebern, State University of New York - Canton, Emeritus
Matthew D. Wright, Biola University
Adam Kolasinski, Texas A&M University
James H. Ruhland, Texas Tech University
Marshall DeRosa, Florida Atlantic University
Alexander Mirkovik, Wayne State University
Neil McElroy, Lafayette College, Emeritus
M. Northrup Buechner, St. John's University, New York
Alexander Andrée, University of Toronto
Justin Lake, Texas A&M University
Aaron Trehub, Auburn University
Todd Hartch, Eastern Kentucky University 
David Carlin, Community College of Rhode Island
Robert Thomas Llizo, Houston Baptist University
Gleen S. Sunshine, Central Connecticut State University
Bruce A. Murray, Auburn University
Gary W. Jenkins, Eastern University
Ian Bursztyn, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Clifford A. Bates, Jr., Warsaw University, Americans Studies Center
John Mueller, University of Calgary
James Fiste, Central Michigan University
Michael Ryall, University of Toronto
Grant H. Lathrom, Missouri Southern State University 
Saul Jacka, Univerity of Warwick, England
Robert Byrnes, University of Winnipeg
Peter Y. Paik, Yonsei University
Dion Clingwall, Prefectural University of Hiroshima
Catherine C. McCall, University of Strathclyde
Ian Loveall, Texas Christian University
John F. Brehany, National Catholic Bioethics Center
Brad Spavin, School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston
Teven Kerr, University of Edinburgh
Christopher Vogel, Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide University
Erick James Augustine Chastain, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Marc de Noblet, Sorbonne University
Jon Bornholdt, University of Würzburg, Germany
M.B. Mulcahy, OP, Pontifical College Josephinum, School of Theology
Douglas D. McAbee, California State University Long Beach 
Kirby Olson, SUNY-Delhi
Roger M. Savory, University of Toronto
Torstein Buskaker, University of Bergen 
Marena Digby, Charles Darwin University
Wojciech Kujawski, Nicolaus Copernicus University
William M. Freebern, State University of New York at Canton, Emeritus
Joseph M. Perry, University of North Florida, Emeritus
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Tim Martin, Kennesaw State University
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John Earl Haynes, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress
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Rob Jenkins, Georgia State University, Permeter College
William Conte, Casper College
Rick Lott, Arkansas State University
Stewart Ethier, Universtiy of Utah
Thomas Barros, Saint Louis University
Tina Terry, Gila Community College
Lee Oser, College of the Holy Cross
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Michael W. Gos, Lee College
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Eileen F. Toplansky, Kean University
Micael Sentman, Manor College
Steven J. Condly, United State Military Academy
Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer, University of Chicago
Daniel Maguire, University of Alabama
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Nicolas H Nelson, Indiana University Kokomo, Professor Emeritus
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Norman Land, University of Missouri-Columbia
Daniel Bonevac, The University of Texas at Austin
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Anthony Nicastro, Williams College, Professor Emeritus
Kevin Jon Fernlund, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Raymond Taylor, Saint Xavier University
Jim Knight, University of Essex
Jacob Marszalek, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Augustine Thompson, O.P., Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley CA

Iain T. Benson, University of Notre Dame Australia, School of Law, Sydney

Academic Credentials

William W. St. Clair, Jr., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S.
Allison Bauman, the University of Texas at San Antonio, B.A.
Micheal J. Mitchusson, Austin College, B.A. & M.A.
Mike Brennan, York University, B.A.; University of Toronto, B.Ed.
David Randall, National Association of Scholars
Krista Sprecher, University of Charleston, M.A.
Donald L. Romack, Greenville University, B.S.
Michelle Zingarelli, B.S.
Ron Chandonia, Emory University, Ph.D.
Walter G. Pereira, Pomona College
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Travis Crihfield, Southeastern Missouri State University, B.S. 
Lewis Sloter, University of Maryland, College Park, B.A.
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Suzanne Scriven Vinitsky, Northwestern University, M.S.
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Louise Callahan, University of Toronto, Hon.B.A.
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Simina M. Farcasiu, Princeton, A.B.; University of London, Ph.D. 
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Faye, Ohio University
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Mandy Albert, Ph.D., Cornell University
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David F. Bedey, Ph.D., University of Alaska Fairbanks
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Richard Sypher, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Dorthy Codington, M.A., Brandeis University; M.L.I.S., Simmons School of Library Information Science
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Steve Jolivette, Ph.D., University of California - Irvine
Thomas Goodhead, M.A., University of Oxford; M.Phil., University of Cambridge
Marc Santucci, B.A., Villanova University; M.B.A., George Washington University
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Robert Hayes, B.S., University of Colorado
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W. Michael Murphy, M.A., University of Iowa
Desiree Cera, B.A., National University
Andrew Gilchrist, B.A. Queen's University; B.Ed. Nipissing University
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J. Ambrose Little, B.A., Oral Roberts University
Christine B. Fernandez, A.D., Delgado College
Gary Richard, Loyola University
R. Andrew Newman, M.A., University of Wyoming; M.A., University of Nebraska, Omaha; M.A., John Paul the Great Catholic University 
Patricia McDonald, M.D., Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
Amanda Lynn, B.S., St. Gregory's College
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Beth Baumhardt-Frisch, B.F.A., School of the Art Institute; B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin
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Adrian Theirry, M.A., Bridgewater State University
Steven Stone, B.L. University of Birmingham
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Shalen Lewis, B.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
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J. Jeffrey, B.A., University of Calgary
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Simone Smit, B.A., University Fraser Valley
Joseph M. Isenberg, B.A., B.S., M.S., Iowa State University of Science and Technology; J.D., University of Iowas College of Law
Tasha Waterhouse, C.Vet., Technical and Further Education, New South Wales
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Christopher DeGroot, M.A., University of Maine 
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Manual Ocampo, B.F.A., University of the Philippines
Julie Ponzi, M.A., Claremont University; Editor of American Greatness
Andrew C. MacDonald, B.A., St. Francis Xavier University
Petre Cătălin Logofătu, Ph.D. National Institue for Laser, Plasma, and Radiation Physics
Ashala Faircrest, B.A., Ashford Unversity
Ivan Steward, M.Env., University of Melbourne; B.Sc., B.Com., University of Auckland
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Damian Gennette, M.Div., Tacoma Counseling for Men
Jason Power, M.B.A., Valparaiso University 
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William Ogle, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Roberto Soria, Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences
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John Wolstencroft, Ph.D., University College, London
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Alyssa Wolbers, B.A., Baylor University 
Augustinas Gudaitis, M.D., Vilnius University, Lithuania 
Cindy Demerino, Michigan State University
Eva Alessia, M.D., Midwestern University-Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
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Andrew Joseffer, CUNY-CCNY
Dee Hess, M.S.N., Wyane State University
Christine Gallion, Ohio State
Nancy O'Dell Merwin, B.A., Bowling Green State University
Sandra Stierman, Medical Laboratory Technician, American Society for Clinical Pathology
Lori Craig, B.S.N., University of North Carolina - Wilmington
James Kohagen, B.A., Sierra Nevada College
Chris Mason, B.S.N., Indiana University
Michelle ComesLast, Ph.D., Bastyr University; LPN Nurse, Pacific Northwest University
John Love, University of Chicago
Santiago Gonzales, Pharm.D., University of New Mexico
April Hall, Kilgore College
Johnathan Bradshaw, B.S., Carleton University
Kasper Nijhoff, B.A., M.A., Rijksuniversiteir Groningen
Cynthia Mikulich, University of Arizona
Zuzana Polachova, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
Malik Metcalfe, University of Manchester
Janine Burns, DRS, Emerson Theological Institute
Michael Stout, B.A., DePauw University
Moussa H. Nijmeh, B.S., George Fox University
Mark Sebanc, B.A., M.A., University of Toronto
Leslie Demchenko, J.D., George Washington University
John Carter, M.A., University of South Carolina
Carol Kneppel, B.S., California State University
Louis Mauriello, B.S., St. Johns University 
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Shehzad Ali, B.S., University of Peshawar
Rafael Alessndro Romo, B.S.A., Università di Cagliari
Stephen Morrissey, M.A., McGill University
Paul Martin, B.A., York University
Alice Zentz, B.A., University of Dallas
Denise DeArman, Queens University
Tory Lamore, B.S., University of St. Joseph
Jefferson Kaduvinal Abraham, M.B.A., IIM Bangalore
Denise Klaske, B.A., Kansas State University 
Kenneth Popp II, R.Ph., P.I.C., B.S.Pharm., Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Christopher Lee, B.A., Texas State University, M.A., University of Houston - Clear Lake
William S. Woods, J.D., Claremont McKenna College; M.L.T., Leventhal School of Accounting at the University of California; Golden State University
Katya Permiakova, B.Sc., University of Ottawa; M.S., Stanford University; J.D., York University - Osgoode Hall Law School
Lee Coggin, Samford University; J.D., University of Dayton School of Law
Jim Sauer, D.A., Eastern University
Erin Miles, B.S., Indiana University Bloomington; Psy.D., HSSP, Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Schaumburg Campus; Fort Wayne Neuropsychology
Mark R. Zuccolo, Ph.D., Pepperdine University
Chris Mullen, B.A., Boston College
Michelle Wall, J.D., Indiana University, Robert H. McKinney School of Law
James B. Eckman, Jr., M.D., University of Louisville School of Medicine; Baptist Health Louisville
David Solway, University of Debrecen
Rabbi Daniel Sayani, Biala Yeshiva Or Kedoshim 
Juliana Wellman, B.S., Oral Roberts University 
Daved Driscoll, B.A., Carroll College, M.F.A., Wichita State University
Amy Falstrom, M.F.A., Indiana University-Bloomington
Wilson H. Carroll, A.B., Harvard University 
Richard Knapp, Ohio State University
Christopher Hastings, M.S.C., San Diego State University
Carl H. Sobocinski, Ph.D., University of Toledo
Sean Strasburg, B.C.L, Oxford; Ph.D., Princeton University; J.D., Yale Law School
Louise van Vliet, Dietitian, Queens College, Glasgow, Scotland
William Pullen, B.A. History Eastern Washington University; B.A.Ed, Eastern Washington University; MA Lesley University
Rosalie Calhoun, B.S., Cal State University East Bay 
Roger W. Barnett, A.B. Brown University, M.A., Ph.D. University of Southern California
William L. Brown, Ph.D., Michigan State University
John Moon, B.S.E., University of Michigan
Richard Satterfield, B.S.E.E., Georgia Tech
Gary Baldridge, M.A., Emporia State University
Grant Giles, B.Ed., University of Regina
Victor A. Slayman, B.A., Gettysburg College; M.A., MDiv, Lutheran Theological Seminary
David S. Bensema B.S., Troy University
Patti Knuth, Ph.D., University of Washington
Ann Reese Holder, B.A., University of Alabama; M.L.S., University of Alabama
John Spadora, J.D., St. John's University
Armando Simon, Ph.D
Geoff Hoppe, B.A., Notre Dame; M.A., University of Virginia
Edwin J. Pole II, B.S.E.S, Florida State University; Apollo 11 Launch Team
Christi Cummins, A.A., Hillsborough Community College
Thomas Rose, LL.M, M.S.L., Wilfrid Laurier University
Anthony J. DeBaso, B.A., Brooklyn College
Jay Gardner, B.A., University of Georgia
Victor Edwards, B.S., Auburn University Montgomery
Paul Brunett, B.F.A., Pratt University
William Suits, B.A., Boston University, M.A., University of Connecticut
Ronald Grant Nutter, Ph.D., Central Methodist University 
Anthony Beaton, Ph.D., Griffith University
Malcolm Widness, B.A., College of Wooster
Rodger Morrow, B.A. Yale University
Alec Solomita, B.A. Amherst College; A.B.D, Princeton University
Troy Costlow, B.S., B.A., University of Indiana at Urbana-Champaign; M.S., M.B.A., DePaul University
Grahm Reeves, M.A., TESOL, Michigan State University
Peter Cohee, Ph.D., University of Colorado
Malcolm A. Kline, University of Scranton, Accuracy in Academia
Louis Marano, Ph.D., University of Florida
R. Cargill Hall, B.A., Whitman University; M.A., San Jose University; National Reconnaissance Office
Stephen Basdeo, Ph.D., Leeds Trinity University
William Davis, B.A., Geneva College
Brian J Colaluca M.S., Hood College
Joseph P Janosek, DDS, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; FACP
Charles Reichardt, Ph.D., University of Michigan; Los Alamos National Laboratories 
Jason T. Powers, B.S.I.E., Purdue University; M.B.A., Valparaiso University
Tyler Lange, M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Vincent W. Uher III, B.A., Rice University; M.Div., Virginia Theological Seminary 
Mark Thompson, B.A., Columbia University
Eric McAfee, B.A., Northwestern University; MCP, University of Pennsylvania; MDesS, Harvard University
Graham Peterson, M.A. Sociology, University of Chicago
Peter Norris, M.Sc., Lund University Sweden
Robert Stewart, B.A., Midwestern State University
Leslie Weis, B.A., J.D., University of Southern California
Devin B. Coldren, B.S., University of Phoenix 
Mark Habert, B.A., Loyola University New Orleans
Jennifer Whelan Nolan, MSLIS, Wayne State University
Kelly Madden, Ph.D., University of York 
Joseph Holmes, B.A. The King's College
Philip A. Clark, M.A., Stanford University
C. Brett Haywood, B.A., Brown University
Conor Little BA, University of Georgia
John M Bagwell II, B.S., MBA, Auburn University
David Cryder, B.S., University of Illinois
Edwin Frank Schaeffer III, B.S. Princeton University
Francis X Meane, A.B., Notre Dame; J.D., Harvard Law
Debby Hyatt, B.A. University of California Los Angeles
Max Groves, B.S., Georgia Tech
Gregory West, M.D. M.D., University of Utah
Sara Graf B.A., Florida State University
Peter Fee, J.D., UC Davis; M.A. Binghamton University
Susan Aiello, M.A., Lesley University
Beverly Moore, M.S., University of Memphis
Claudia Sala, L.L., Universita di Milano
Carol Iannone, Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook
Joseph Dominici, M.S.N., Medical College of Georgia
Katherine Kersten, M.A., Yale University
Gailon Totheroh, B.A., University of Arizona; M.A., Regent University
Joseph Herbert, B.S. Miami Univ.; JD Univ. of Toledo
Cameron Byers, B.S., University of Arkansas
Kirsten Edwards, B.S. College of William & Mary; M.L.S., San Jose State University
Mark A. Voelker, Ph.D., University of Arizona
Chaplain (LTC) John Morales, MDiv Regent Univ, ThM SEBTS (US Army)
Nicholas Porritt, J.D., University of Chicago
Roy Moran, M.A., University of Chicago
Craig Neumeier, B.A., University of Chicago; M.A., University of Minnesota
Jack Calder, B.A., University of Chicago
Brandon Shutt, B.A, University of Tennessee
Connie Brewer, M.A. California State University Fullerton
Jeffrey Bonn, B.S., University of Pittsburgh
Pamela St. Clair, Smith College, B.A., Southern Connecticut State University, M.A., Vermont College, M.F.A
Balbino Cotarelo Núñez, University of Oviedo, M.Sc.
Glenn Elliott, B.S., Regents College USNY, (now Excelsior College)
Dan Benton, B.A., California State University at Fullerton
Scott Wolf, M.D., George Washington University
Joan Furlong, ASLA, B.A. Smith College, M.L.A., Harvard University G.S.D.
Kyle Pavlicek, B.A., Kennesaw State
Simon Kingsley, B.A. Hons., University of Leeds
Maryanne May Lukomski, B.I.T., Australian Catholic University, North Sydney
Richard Palmerston, MBA, Wharton
Gary Futral, B.S., University of South Carolina
David Fleissig, J.D., University of Michigan
Roger S. Cohen, Ph.D., U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Patrice Karr Cohen, Ph.D., U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mechan Barclay, B.A., York University
Marshall Mac Euen, B.A., Western Kentucky University 1978
Jack Jalove, MBA, Northeastern Illinois
Albert Wrigglesworth, A.D., Providence University College
Robert Woodrow, M.A., M.Div., D.Min., Abilene Christian University

Concerned Laypeople

Kelly Dowling
Kari Sobisky, USMC
Jane Walker
Laura Sealey, Scenes By Sealey Professional Photography 
David Payton, Journeyman Machinist
Shiela Hanlon 
Jane Johnston 
Julie O'Connell 
Andrea Austin, University of Chicago student
Carl Yaeger
Amanda Thompson Registered Nurse
Jim Aloye, Entrepreneur 
Henry JB Dick, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Nelson Dawson, Kentucky Historical Society
Constance Faucher Perry, Owner of Turnabouts Home Decor 
Robert Cooley, Parent of Marion University student
Victoria Bloom Small, Business Owner
Elaine Morgan
Julia Dunn Mosby, Undergraduate at Princeton University
Kirk Pacenti 
Terry Crane, Painter of Religious Art
Fernanda Takitani, History Teacher 
Elizabeth M. Ogden 
Ron Nelson 
Jessica Sefranek, Childhood Psychology student
Cheryl Tregilgas 
Jacob Roberson
Steven Owen, Minister
Shevia Cornett, RN Registered Nurse
Pam Lewis 
Paul R., Social Worker
Amiee Morgan
Jim Blaney, Accounting
Don Chaffins 
Marybeth Weber
James Morrissette 
Sandra Snyder
Lori Valdez
Justin Lindsey
Thomas Shane Patton, Principal Software Architect
Liz Ramsey, Real Estate Broker
Cheri Gavasto
Shawn A. Alladio 
Linda Austin, Registered Respiratory Therapist
Ledia Vahle 
Sonya Zuniga  
Cassidy Games 
Ross Walters, Studying for B.A.
Laraine Chavez, B.S.
Shannon L Jones, Nursing
Tom Vacchio 
Kara Berg 
Sarah Hanviriyapunt, RiverReader
Michele Portolese  
William Downs, Entrepreneur
Steven Larkin, Technical College
Carrie Crockatt, Artist
Kari Greenlee 
Linda Hagen Mooney
Jean Bowman 
Sandra Baker Assemi, Classica Musician
Larisa Biyuts, Queer Fiction Author
Thomas Stewart, B.S., University of Sydney, Current Student
Noelle Rooney 
Ben Rothke Nettitude
Mary Perando 
Peter Conijn, Solution Developer, Dysel BV
Daniel Lewis,  Aerospace Engineer
Kim Nyholm Datanom
Margaret Bolton, Animial care tech/ horse trainer
Amanda Grenier 
Christine Lewis 
Soraya Bradley, Artist
Robert Mandujano, Tradesman 
Kseniya Korinets, Student, Moscow City Teachers' Training University
Michael Nerone 
Kelli Palmgren 
Karhy A. Edmonston, Registered Nurse
Debbie Colton Miller, Registered Practical Nurse
Joy Merrill Fellow 
Avinash S Kumar, Lovely Professional University, India.
Adam Ealey 
Matt Johnson, Professional Certification
Ronald Ford 
Michael Hill
Zachary Lasater 
Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D. Partners In Learning
Susan Newman Blake, Artist
Ross Brown 
Adam Tabor, Student, UC Santa Barbara
Robert Andrews 
Audrey Zhao, China Capital Ventures
Daniel Hoch 
Gregory Stell 
Max Pierson, Truth Seeker Generale
Aaron Storch, Software Development Manager
Dan Russell 
Heather Borland, Accounting
Michael L. Plog, USMC
Mark Ague Memorial 
Erik Cooper,  Brandman University student 
Kathleen Hoffman-Tripp, Aviation
Bill Lewis,
Chip Lambert 
Stephen Dennis Cole
Carolyn G. De Raad 
Jeffrey R Scarangella, Libertarian
Alon Reininger Photojournalist, Contact Press Images, N.Y
John FitzGerald, Clavis Magister Instructional
Fr. William Mouser Rector, St. Athanasius Anglican Church, Waxahachie, Texas
Sandra Embry, Midwife
Peter E. Gallaher, Drug Enforcement Administration, Special Agent, Retd.
Beth Ann Warren, Stay at home Mother
Earl Robinson, Retired police officer
Darleen Lev, Pratt Institute 
Robyn Gibson, Home Educator 
C. R. Wiley, Member of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters
Virginia Ross 
Lars Hellmund, Church Historian 
Edward A.W. Stengel, Veritas Scholars Academy
Gerald Hunt, Teacher
Corey Doherty 
Tony Moclair, Private citizen 
Jim Berman 
Dennis OBrien, CEO, OBrien Investigations, NJ
Jerome Stawarski 
Roel Meddens
Valerie Miles-Capolongo, Financial Professional NY, NY
Erin Siracuse,  Stay at home Mother
Carolyn Sheean,  International Consultant 
John O'Donnell
Stephen Fox, Sculptor
Charles Starks, Ed.D., Fairwinds Institute
Mark Graham 
Peter Simard  
Conor Magerr, an engineering student, Rowan University
Cheri Foster, Medical Coding Specialist at Swedish Medical Group
Micheal Tyson
Tracy Tucciarone
Terry Quinn
Victoria El Ouassil
Caroline Agler
Mark Shelton 
Fernando Pires
William D. Zerbe
Teri Frazier
Rebecca Goldberg
Jacob Crawford
Ilia Rodov
Eric Bergerud
Suha Voelker
Amanda Way
Rev. Robin Collins
John Eddy
Robert Hill
Donna Fabb
Edith Watkins
Rebeca Syma
Gloria Christian
Rachel Ross
Jill Martin
Sue Clark
Joseph Young
Mike Wheeler
Paige Turner
Phil Bauman
Theodore Edelman
Eric Holp
Rose Dula
Hamilton-Lucas Sinclair (Jacques Renaud), Poet, Writer, Blogger
Stephen J. Brouillard, Technologist and Futurist
Noelle de Lioncourt
Denise Heupel
Michael Richards, MD
Alaina Toledo​
David Jensen
Chad Jessup

(New signatures will be added at the close of business each day, EST. You may sign the letter here. Please keep all comments civil.)

Image: Don Burkett, Public Domain

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