Green Propaganda Popping Up All Over

Candace de Russy

In accord with a national effort to update the “No Child Left Behind Act” with an environmental component -- and renaming it the “No Child Left Inside Act” -- Maryland may soon become the first state to require an “environmental literacy” component, threaded throughout core subject areas, for high school graduation. Deborah Lambert puts this development in perspective at Accuracy in Academia, which earlier showed that environmental literacy requirements have already been inserted into higher education curricula as another way of preaching the doctrine of manmade global warming. Some colleges and universities now receive “green certifications” for their compliance. The organization spearheading this nationwide movement aimed at students is the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) ... [that] claims to have reached over 400,000 students at 850 schools through their free high school assemblies ... 'encourages students to become ‘climate heroes’ crusading against global warming' ... . The endgame, now that so many higher education institutions mandate environmental literacy for graduation? "Sustainability" as a first principle throughout all education.

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September 5, 2014


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