Explore the debate and science of Racism.

April 1, 2021

Higher Ed Approaches the Antiracism Training Abyss

William A. Jacobson

As universities across America push neo-racist “antiracism” ideology, they are damaging themselves and our nation.

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January 26, 2021

Prejudice Under the Microscope

David Acevedo

Does the popular race Implicit Association Test stand up to careful scrutiny?

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January 9, 2021

Turning a Blind Eye to Chinese Malfeasance Does Not Advance Justice

David Acevedo

An open letter from three organizations to President-elect Biden urges him to end the DoJ's China Initiative, denouncing it as racist. This will lead to less justice, not more.

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December 10, 2020

Critical Race Training or Civil Rights Law: We Can’t Have Both

George R. La Noue

Can CRT-inspired training, Title VII, and Title IX coexist? Not likely.

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December 4, 2020

Turning Higher Education and America From Racism

William H. Young

Each year, more Americans see racism as a major problem plaguing the country. And yet, there has been very little change in the status of blacks for decades. Might sociologists be to blame?

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November 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving from NAS!

David Acevedo

Even in this rollercoaster of a year, there is still much for which we may be thankful. Here are our top five encouraging higher ed developments from 2020.

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October 21, 2020

Compulsory Education at the University of Pittsburgh

Terrence L. Hormel

Pitt freshmen are now required to take PITT 0210, “Anti-Black Racism: History, Ideology, and Resistance,” which may be more aptly called “Critical Race Theory 0210.”

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September 29, 2020

Critical Race Theory and New Racism

David Acevedo

What exactly are these new ideologies, and how have they grown to become mainstream?

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August 5, 2020

"Structural Racism" at the University of Rochester

K. Thomas Noell

A letter from a disgruntled alumnus to Dean Mark B. Taubman, who has chosen to remove Nobel Laureate George Whipple's name from the school's laboratories amid claims of racism. 

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August 3, 2020

A Canceled Music Theorist Responds

Timothy Jackson

What does "systemic racism" have to do with music theory? Some claim that they are deeply intertwined. Dr. Timothy Jackson argued against this view and was promptly canceled.

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